How To Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on Android and iOS

The way WhatsApp changed our outlook on text messages as you would seldom need to text someone, it’s fairly convenient to drop a WhatsApp message. Well, WhatsApp has improved its various features over the years and the VoIP feature is one of the best available in the market. You can technically call anyone assuming both have WhatsApp installed on their devices. Simply find the contact, tap on a voice call and it’s done and that’s how effortless it is.

Although recording calls come as a feature on many call recording apps, WhatsApp doesn’t have built-in support for it. Luckily, you can still record WhatsApp calls using certain apps that make it possible to record both sides of the conversation. The use case for recording voice calls on WhatsApp can be millions, be it just for security purposes or for surveillance or it could be as something to remember something. In any case, you need to note that some countries have blocked call recording apps so unless you aren’t in one of those countries, you should be able to record WhatsApp and normal calls pretty easily.

How To Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on Android?

Android has taken over the world in just a decade of its existence with more than 2 billion devices worldwide. It is also home to millions of apps available on the Google Play Store (trusted) and other marketplaces via APKs and other methods that allow users to get their phones to do whatever they wish. One of the features that Android devices support is call recording and this counts both native or via third-party apps allowing call recording capabilities.

With all said and done, let’s see how you can record a WhatsApp voice call on your Android smartphone.

Cube ACR App

Step #1: First, you will have to download an app calledCube ACRfrom Google Play Store. You will find the list of alternatives for Android as well.
Step #2: Once you have installed it, launch it and it will run in the background.
Step #3: Go to WhatsApp and make a voice call to anyone.
Step #4: The “Cube ACR” automatically records WhatsApp voice calls that are saved on the internal storage (or microSD card).
Step #5: Go to File Manager on your phone and find the recordings. If you don’t get the files, go to the Cube ACR app and find the said path.

Note that in case the app doesn’t automatically start recording WhatsApp voice calls, go to the app and choose the “Force VoIP call as a voice call” option and that should resolve the issue.

Alternative apps to record WhatsApp Voice Calls

How To Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS?

When it comes to recording calls on iOS devices, recording isn’t natively supported, unlike Android devices where most of the phone makers and UIs allow for native call recording. Coming back to iOS, there are ways to record calls on iOS devices so here it goes. Also, you will need a Mac for it.
Step #1: Firstly, connect your phone to the Mac via cable and pair by hitting the “Trust this computer” option on your iPhone.
Step #2: Next up, press CMD + Spacebar on your Mac and launch “Spotlight”.
Step #3: Search for “QuickTime Player” and launch it.
Step #4: Next up, tap on “File” and hit “New Audio Recording”.
Step #5: You will need to select your iPhone as an option and hit the record button.
Step #6: Commence a WhatsApp call and you should be able to record WhatsApp and regular calls on QuickTime.
Step #7: Remember to tap on stop recording on Quicktime and save the file.
Albeit it is a lengthy procedure when compared to Android devices, it is worth it if you want to record calls although it discourages any immediate requirements to record calls unless you are near your Mac.


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