The government of India’s Umang or Unified Mobile Application For New-age Governance is one umbrella under which you can avail multiple central and state government services. In fact, Government of India plans on integrating a total of 200 services with the app by the end of next year.

Even as of today, you can use the app to avail several services like tracking or withdrawing your EPF, applying for a gas cylinder, applying for a new PAN card, monitoring and managing NPS account, calculating Toll tax you will have to pay through your journey and more.

You can download Umang app from Google Play store or from App store. In the latest version, it’s not mandatory for users to link Adhaar Card during registration.

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How to Withdraw EPF online using Umang App

The procedure works similar to the EPFO’s Online EPF Claim procedure that was introduced in May this year. Please note that to claim EPF through the App, you will need to link your Adhaar card to the app.

  • Just open the App and select the EPFO tile
  • From here, you can select employee centric, employer-centric or general services
  • Open Employee Centric services and then select raise claim
  • You will now have to enter your UAN number and authenticate it by confirming the OTP that you will receive on the registered mobile number.
  • Submit your EPF withdrawal application, and note down your Claim Reference number. You can use this to track your EPF Claim.

How to apply for PAN Card online using Umang App

You can also apply for a PAN card using the My Pan tile. You can fill the Form 49A online

  • After you select My Pan, you can fill your details offline
  • You will, however, have to submit your documents online
  • After filling the form, you can validate your information with an OTP
  • After making payment, generate the PDF using the ‘Generate PDF’ option
  • Now transfer the PDF to a computer using email, and take a printout.
  • You can now affix your Photograph and enclose required ID proofs (in case you haven’t opted for eKYC) and then mail and dispatch it to UTIISL office address

How to check and calculate total Toll Tax for journey using Umang App

You can also get an idea of the total amount of toll you will have to pay on a given route or a particular Toll Plaza using the Umang App

  • To do so, select the Sukhad Yatra tile from the app
  • You can now select ‘Toll Plaza at a glance’ to check all toll booths in a particular state
  • You can also use the ‘Toll Plaza on Map’ option to locate toll booths near your location
  • Or you can use Toll Calculator to know total toll tax that you will have to pay by entering your location and destination

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Umang App Initial impression

Umang app clubs several other services Passport seva, crop insurance, etc and can also be used for things like booking a cylinder, checking prices of medicines, downloading NCERT ebooks, and lot more. In our opinion, this surely is a great initiative and will make governance a lot more transparent to the masses.

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