OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition display
OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition hands-on

If you have a Oneplus 6T and dig the theme and animations of the latest Mclaren iteration, then there’s a way to get them. OnePlus has included 7 new wallpapers, 1 new ringtone, 2 new notification tones. Read further and follow the steps mentioned below to transform your normal Oneplus 6T to the Mclaren edition.

Oneplus 6T Mclaren Edition Ringtones:

Get the Mclaren edition’s exclusive ringtones down below:

  • Go to this link: Oneplus 6T Mclaren Sounds
  • Click on “Click here to start download” and
  • Again click on any of the alternative links.
  • Unpack the downloaded compressed file, which would be of 835.4KB in size.
  • Enjoy the Ringtones

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Enable the Oneplus 6T Mclaren In-Display Fingerprint Animation:

Note: Your OnePlus 6T must be on Oxygen OS 9.0.9 or newer as the animation files are included with this version.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download this app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open it and confirm that “System table” is selected.
  3. Scroll down and search for the line “op_custom_unlock_animation_style”.
  4. Touch the line and then press on “Edit value”.
  5. Enter “3” (no quotes) and confirm.
  6. Enjoy. You can uninstall the app now if you want.

The new animation looks awesome and IMO the unlocking feels even faster with this animation!

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Get OnePlus 6T McLaren Theme and Accent color

  1. Head over to Settings -> Display -> Theme, and set it to “Dark”.
  2. Next, tap on “Accent color” and tap on the custom color icon.
  3. Input the color hex code “#ff9f34” for OnePlus 6T Mclaren edition Papaya orange accent, in there.
  4. That’s it.

Additional info:

  • These settings survives reboots.
  • To disable it, just enable one of the default fingerprint animations through normal settings.
  • Hop on to XDA website to go through the root, ADB methods as well.

Oneplus 6T Mclaren edition’s Wallpaper:

Oneplus 6t Mclaren wallpaper
Oneplus 6t Mclaren wallpapers

Get the Mclaren edition’s gorgeous wallpapers down below:

  • Go to this link: Oneplus 6T Mclaren Wallpaper Pack
  • Click on “Click here to start download” and
  • Again click on any of the alternative links.
  • Unpack the downloaded compressed file, which would be of 25MB in size.
  • Enjoy the wallpapers

So, now you’ve got the all-new Mclaren Ringtone, Theme, Fingerprint Animation, and the amazing wallpapers on your Oneplus 6T. Your device is a beast in itself and now can sport the new look of it.

Convert Regular OnePlus 6T, 6, 5T or 5 to McLaren Edition

So, following these steps, you can get the coveted McLaren Edition feel on any regular OnePlus 6T, or any other OnePlus phone for that matter.  Yes, you can’t get the back panel texture without a proper skin, but then again those cosmetic changes are hardly visible when you put the 6T in a case.


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