An updated version of LG V30, the V30+, is up and running in India. The wide screen OLED display (18:9 screen aspect ratio), dual cameras, and slim metal design are some of the many highlights of the new LG smartphone (Full Specs).

If you have made up your mind on buying the new LG V30+, we would advise you to protect it with some quality back covers and cases. To help you with that we have added few quality covers that can give the maximum damage protection to your LG V30+.

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LG V30+ Back Cover by KuGi

This is a lightweight, flexible yet rigid case cover for your gorgeous LG V30+ smartphone. The cover is capable to pull-off minor scratches, bumps, and dents. The cover has been given a soft and clean look at the back, which makes it comfortable to hold. It also fits well with your phone and the rubberized material will give you a better control on your device.

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LG V30+ Slim Cover by LK

Next up, we have a slim body case cover for the LG V30+. The case is ultra-thin and doesn’t add bulk to your smartphone. The cover adjusts well to all the four edges, giving your phone an all-around protection. The flexibility in the cover allows you to easily peel off and install it on your phone. You can also avail the cover in various shades.

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LG V30+ Case Cover by Yiakeng

This is a dual-layer case cover for your LG V30+ device. The dual-layer adds solidity to the cover making your phone capable of surviving major mishaps. From the front, the cover has been given a raised lip that covers the edges of the screen, thus keeping the screen away from scratches. Another advantage of the cover is that it has got a dotted texture at the back with a purpose to give you a better grip on your phone.

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LG V30+ Bumper Case by MP-Mall

Moving on, here we have a bumper case cover for your LG V30+ device. The case is an excellent choice for those who want extra-protection on their phone and wouldn’t want to use a scratch guard. The cover packs extra cushion on its edges knowingly, as it is the edges that suffer maximum damage.

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LG V30+ Body Cover by Lumion

This is a body case cover for your LG V30+ smartphone. The cover sticks well to the edges and back of the phone. The case will keep the phone away from scratches, bumps, and damages caused by the inadvertent drops. This case cover is made from TPU material and will also be shock resistant.

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LG V30+ Flip Cover by LK

What if a cover, while protecting your phone’s body, protects the phone’s screen, too? Yes, this flip cover for the LG V30+ handset does exactly the same thing. The cover keeps your device safe from any physical harm. It is also a wallet-cum phone cover that allows you to store both your paper and plastic currency through its dedicated pockets.

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LG V30+ Flexible Cover by Love Ying

If you believe that the cases will hide the premium design of your phone then you can consider this cover for your V30+ handset. The crystal clear look of the cover gives you the freedom to admire the beautiful curves of the phone while protecting it with a case. Also, the flexibility and softness of the cover make it easy to install and remove from the phone.

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LG V30+ Rugged Cover by Spigen

Lastly, we have for you is the rugged case cover for your precious LG V30+ smartphone. The case is for those who are a heavy user of their smartphone. The cover comes with a kick stand, which comes handy with extensive hours of smartphone usage. Apart from this, the cover has got hard edges and an extra-protection on all the four corners of the phone, which keeps the phone completely safe.

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LG V30+ Tempered Glasses

The beauty of LG V30+ is its front. The phone features a 6-inch QHD+ OLED full vision display. So, it is utmost important to keep it away from scratches, dust, and damage. To do that we would recommend using your device with a tempered glass, you can seek help from below links:

Tempered Glass by Nacodex – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by MoKo – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Wellci – Buy it from here


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