Microsoft has teased the features of its new Xbox One Spring Update – version 1085, which will succeed version 1084. It will soon be available to all those who are part of the Xbox Alpha insiders program. The new Xbox One Spring Update version 1085 is said to rope in nifty features to the console that will improve gamers overall gaming experience.

Let’s enumerate the Xbox One Spring Update features one by one:

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Top 6 Xbox One Spring Update Features:

1. 120Ghz Refresh Rate

One of the major highlights of Spring update version 1085 is going to be improved picture quality. Microsoft has added a 120Ghz refresh rate gaming support to the consoles that will refresh the screen twice as fast as the current 60Ghz to deliver clearer pictures. The new feature will be beneficial for action and racing games that require constant switching of frames quickly.

Microsoft hasn’t given any details as to which games will actually support the 120Hz refresh rate. However, it mentions that the advance refresh rate will work with displays with 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

2. Better Games and Apps Management

The next thing you will notice on the new update is an organized games and apps library. Microsoft is said to be working on user’s demand of offering “Groups” that can incorporate all your games and apps from within ‘My games & apps’. It is an enhancement to Pins and allows users to assign custom names to each Group, organize and order them, and to add individual Groups to Home.

That’s not all, Groups will be synced to your account so that you can access them on multiple Xbox One consoles.

3. Intuitive Button Commands

The update will also add multi-functional commands to the dashboard buttons. For example, the ‘View’ button on Home will allow you to edit the order of blocks or reorder items within Groups. Similarly, pressing the same ‘View’ button on the main tab of the Guide will also display additional capture options.

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4. Trim Clips Directly

The version 1085 update will give freedom to Xbox One users to trim captured screenshots before sharing. It can directly be done from the Guide, so you won’t need to switch to Upload Studio to make a quick cut to your saved clips.

5. Improvements to Family Settings

The changes incorporated to family settings of Xbox One include a “Details” page where parents can easily find and manage all family settings on Xbox One. Parents will easily be able to tell which family and content settings are set up and configured. Important settings that are turned off or require attention will be flagged as well, and activity reports and screen time limits can be viewed on the web.

6. Incremental upgrade to Xbox Accessories app

The Xbox Accessories app will be easier to navigate, and look and feel more consistent with the new update.

Xbox One Spring Update Best Features

The new update is set to hit the Xbox Alpha insiders program users as early as in May. Microsoft will first collect feedback on the latest build from this audience and then gradually release it to all users after ironing out bugs.

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