Xbox Series X is official
Source: The Verge

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019, held back in December 2019. The teaser video gave us a mild idea of its design of the console as well as the controller. Besides that, we also got the trailer for Hellblade 2, the first announced gaming title to support this new piece of hardware. That’s it. The rest of its specs and details were still under wraps. But, just the other day, few alleged live images of Xbox Series X finally appeared.

A twitter user named @Doug_DragoX shared the photos of a prototype Xbox Series X. We get to see the device from its front and rear.

Now there’s no mention of the source. And before any official confirmation, this is what we have at hand. Nevertheless, this offers a closer look at the ports and other kinds of stuff.

Up front, there is the Xbox logo, power button, and one USB port. Rest it is mostly plain terrain with just an elongated furrow beneath the power key. At the back, there is a host of ports including two USB ports, one HDMI-out port (perhaps HDMI 2.1), ethernet, SPDIF optical, and a figure-8 power socket. That leaves us with the other large port and what we can’t make up its purpose. A guess would be Debug port.

Here are more on the Xbox Series X launch news and rumors –

Microsoft Xbox Series X Timeline

Microsoft Xbox Series X announced

Dec 13, 2019 11:58 AM

The long-coveted Project Scarlett has arrived and it’s christened Xbox Series X. The Game Awards 2019 just concluded in Los Angeles, California. And much to anyone’s surprise, Microsoft revealed the new Xbox. The list of chops includes a huge SSD, faster game loading times and revamped controller.

Besides the new hardware, we also witnessed the sequel to the Hellblade title. So gamers, here are the details for you.

Xbox Series X

Starting with the design, this new console looks like a PC tower. To give you some perspective, it is 3x taller than the Xbox One while covering the same breadth. Up top, you would see the fan. The Series X clads a matte gray color with a clean face, save for a disk slot and a shimmering logo, tapping which breathes life to the console.

Then there is the redesigned game controller which has a curvier surface. There is a new share button. Microsoft also emphasizes “dynamic latency input” for better input response. If you’re wondering, yes, they will be compatible with Xbox One consoles and PCs too.

They ship with an NVMe SSD and GDDR6 RAM, both of which should keep games in memory for a longer duration. The raw hardware gain should facilitate faster loading times and let you jump betwixt games and resume where you paused.

Going by the rumors, it is also expected to support 4K gaming at 60fps with a focus on ray tracing and graphical elements.

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Xbox Series X: Games

The gaming titles revealed so far are –

  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

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  •  Halo Infinite

Xbox Series X: Pricing and Availability

The Xbox Series X will be available in the Holiday, 2020.

But, there’s still no word on the pricing and other spec details at the moment. The number of supported titles is also anemic. We still don’t know how it fares in the cloud streaming front. Even if one brushes off the mixed response towards Google Stadia, the possibilities of cloud gaming can’t be quashed. As such, Microsoft is expected to give a big push for Cloud streaming in Series X. We expect more details about it in the near future.


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