Way back on June 22, 1979, Sony came out with a product called Walkman that changed way people listened to music. Then came a time when Apple invented iPod which was next logical evolution of portable music instruments. Thanks to further advancement in technology today we are living in the age of Bluetooth speaker or should I dare say, smart speakers. These wireless portable speakers offer excellent audio output and the smarter ones have the capability to interact with other smart appliances.

Today, music lovers can get many of these portable speakers for a very reasonable price. To assist you in your hunt for the best portable speakers under Rs 5,000 budget we did some research to came out with this list.

Editor’s Note: For this best Bluetooth speaker under 5,000 we have included only products whose best buying price is below the cutoff budget.

Best portable speakers under Rs 5000 in India

1. Google Home Mini

The search engine giant recently introduced its smart speakers in India, and the most economical option is Google Home Mini. This Bluetooth enabled smart speaker looks extremely stylish and it is powered by Google Assistant. It comes with four touch-sensitive top led buttons on the top and can be controlled using just your voice.

Despite having a compact size, the Google Home Mini surprisingly packs a punch when it comes to sound. It comes with in-built Chrome Cast, and you can connect multiple Google Home Mini for a multi-room setup. Overall, the Google Home Mini is a good value for money smart speaker.

Here’s a quick Google Home Mini Vs Amazon Echo Dot sound quality comparison

2. Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is yet another Bluetooth and WIFI enabled smart speaker that retails for under Rs. 5,000. Since it comes from Amazon, it integrates Alexa virtual assistant which works in the similar fashion as Google Assistant.

Apart from playing music, the Echo Dot can place orders for you on Amazon, it can interact with IoT devices, and can keep you updated with what’s in the news. Coming to sound quality, the Amazon Echo Dot doesn’t fall behind much when compared to Google Home Mini.

3. Eufy Genie AK-T1241211 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Eufy Genie is a slightly less expensive alternative to Amazon Alexa and it is almost equally good. The Eufy Genie is marginally broader and taller than the Echo Dot but there is no battery inside and one has to keep power chord plugged in. When it comes to audio quality, it is slightly louder than Amazon’s own Echo Dot. It is also the least expensive smart speaker available in the market.

On the downside, the Genie doesn’t support dual-band WiFi, Alexa phone calls, and Amazon’s multi-room audio feature.

4. Zoook Rocker Torpedo (50W) Bluetooth Speaker

If you can skip on the smart aspect and want to buy a dumb Bluetooth speaker that can offer great audio quality, in that case, Zoook Rocker Torpedo should be your best bet. With a lowest best price under Rs 4,500, the Rocker Torpedo speaker offer robust built quality with IPX5 rated water-resistant.

It comes with two 25W drivers and an inbuilt 5200mAh battery which can offer good 6-7 hours of music playback time.

5. Logitech X300

The Logitech X300 is another portable Bluetooth speaker which is surprisingly loud for its size. It can be a perfect option for you if you are looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker that can fill an average sized room effectively.

The good thing about the Logitech X300 is that you won’t notice any sound distortion even on high volumes.  It produces clear sound but if you prefer heavy bass then I am afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere.

6. Portronics POR-778 Thunder Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Sound System

Portronics is making its presence felt with a POR-778 Thunder Mini portable Bluetooth speaker. It comes with dual 10-watts driver which produces excellent sound for a compact device. Apart from Bluetooth, the POR-778 Thunder mini also supports 3.5mm aux jack, USB port and in-built FM radio.

It is packed with 2000 mAh Lithium-ion battery which is claimed to offer 5-6 hours. The Thunder Mini should be good enough to be part for your next trip to the woods.

7. Saregama Carvaan SC02 Portable Digital Music Player (Oak Wood Brown)

Music record maker – Saregama recently introduced its own digital audio player called Carvaan in India which at times invokes nostalgia for those who were still alive before TV and internet took over our lives.

Designed like yesteryears radio, the Saregama Carvaan comes pre-loaded with 5000 songs from 32 artists which are offered to us via 82 channels. It also has Radio Geetmala commentary by Ameen Sayani built-in which is quite unique to have in a digital player.

It can play content from four different sources – Saregama, USB, FM, and Bluetooth for audio playback. In terms of audio playback, its mediocre 6-watt speaker delivers good vocals but lacks bass.

8. JBL Flip 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 2 comes with a slightly unique cylindrical design which is sort of becoming a signature tone for JBL portable Bluetooth speakers. The Flip 2 is one of the most popular portable speakers under 5k. Connectivity options include NFC, Bluetooth, and aux. The battery housed inside can last for about 4 hours at full volume which is decent enough for most buyers.

9.  Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Creative Muvo Mini is a good looking speaker that sounds equally good. It boasts of features like NFC and IP66 water and dust resistance certification which makes it perfect to carry with you on an outdoor trip. The Muvo Mini packs dual 1.3-inch devices which are complemented by a passive radiator. It also features aux-in port for connectively and micro USB port for refill the inbuilt battery.

10. Tagg Sonic Angle 1


Tagg Sonic Angle 1 is another pocket-friendly Bluetooth speaker that made it to our list. This speaker comes with bluetooth 4.2 technology and AUX-in support to offer seamless connectivity.

Sonic Angle 1 spaker supports 2 stereo speaker connection for enchanced sound quality. It is equiqqed with voice assistant support for google assistant. The speaker comes with built-in speakerphone which allows users to answer calls.

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