10 Best Strategy Games That You Should Try In 2018

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Gaming has been one of the favorite pastimes for an entire generation since the inception of Road Rash. These days, many people prefer to play on their phones and consequently, gaming apps have evolved by leaps and bound. They also continue to be the leading factor to drive hardware development.

Our phones and data networks are now capable of supporting seamless multiplayer games, and ‘strategy games’ is one multiplayer category that’s increasingly gaining popularity. These games require you to exercise your brain, to leverage your unique style, and are quite fun too. Let us take a look at a few interesting strategy games that are currently available in the play store.

1) Clash of Clans

The most prominent game which has sort of started the craze for strategy based gaming is Clash of Clans. Smartphone users around the world have gotten a hang of this highly addictive game and started building clans. You can build your own village, raise clans and harvest troops. You can invest in improving your defenses and training troops. Players can join clans and wage wars on other clans for looting their villages. It has a lot more interesting stuff to keep you engaged in the game for a long time.

Download: Android iOS

2) Clash Royale

This game is also from the creators of Clash of Clans but the primary emphasis here is on attacking your opponent instead of building and protecting your village. This game is apt for those whose interest lies in the battle part of Clash of Clans.

In this game, you have to collect and upgrade your cards featuring Clash of clans troops, spells and defences. Each player has three towers to save while attacking the towers of the opponents. You have to strategically choose your army and use them at the right time to knock down your opponents. You can also team up with your friends to play a 2v2 match. This is a fun game to try out if you want quick entertainment.

Download: Android iOS


This next type of strategy game brings out the planner in you to build your own city. You get to be the Mayor of your city and the development of the city is in your hands. Being the mayor, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure that your city is expanding by constructing new buildings and necessary infrastructure to handle the needs of the growing population.

As a part of infrastructure choices, you get to explore a range of options including( but not limited to) airports, rail networks, large-scale industries, beaches, skyscrapers and what not. You can even merge cities and towns to form states and collaborate with other mayors to enhance your gameplay.

Download: Android iOS

4) World at Arms

World at Arms is a game which, as the name suggests, involves a battle of arms. You get to manage your bases and attack the enemy bases with your arsenal. You can deploy your army from all the three fronts: land, air and water. Collect resources and spend money on upgrading your facilities and latest weaponry. Collaborate with allies and envision plans to take down KRA, a rogue army. You can also form a faction with your friends and allies to pool your strength and achieve levels of power that cannot be reached alone.

Download: Android iOS

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5) March of Empires: War of Lords

If you are a fan of Ancient kingdoms and are fascinated by the way they used to fight it out in the battlefields then this game is for you. It takes you back to the medieval age of kings and their quests to conquer the land.

Within the game, you can nurture armies, strengthen your castle, clash with barbarians and expand your territory. Players get to select the type of kingdom they want to reign from options like Highland King, Northern Tsar, and Desert Sultan. Each kingdom has its special type of army which has its unique fighting style. You need to choose your battle formations wisely to conquer battles with tactics rather than numbers. You can form alliances with fellow players to take down your rivals.

Download: Android iOS

6) Narcos: Cartel Wars

The superhit Netflix series, Narcos, has become widely popular and it has got its own ardent viewer base. If you are one among them, then this game is for you.

The game is based on the plot of the Narcos show, which is based on the life of druglord Pablo Escobar. Destroy your enemies to become the Pablo of your own cartel. You can choose between Plata, hire sicarios and use them to defend your base or Plomo to use the sicario death squads to take over high valuable resources from other player cartels. You can also develop your operation techniques by building processing plants and selecting smuggling lines. This game gives you an insider look into what goes on in the life of a drug cartel and that makes it a worthy trial.

Download: Android iOS

7) Baahubali: The Game

Extending its triumph from Indian Box Office, Bãhubali has made its way to mobile gaming. This official game of Bãhubali has been one of the top performers in the play store for the year 2017. This game has been designed on the lines of Clash of Clans except that you can find notable movie characters as part of the army troops in this game.

Train your army, enhance your defenses and build a formidable force consisting of Baahubali, Kattappa, Bhallaladeva, and Devasena. You have to fight against the ruthless Kalakeyas to retain the glory of Mahishmati. You can also create clans with friends and battle out with players from around the world.

Download: Android iOS

8) Mafia City

Mafia has always been an alluring concept for cinema and gaming. Now to bring that strategy and gameplay to mobile devices, we have Mafia city which gives you first-hand experience on the dealings of the underworld. You can create your own gang, fortify and develop your family while dealing with arms and crushing your enemies. Unite with your brothers to form clans for there will be loyalty only between brothers in the underworld. You get to deal with gangsters who specialize in shooting and delivering packages.

Download: Android iOS

9) SimCity BuildIt

Another town planning game which lets you build and design your own city and turn it into a wonderful metropolis. You can give life to your city by building skyscrapers, monuments, parks, and beaches. You can collect taxes and use them to improve your city’s infrastructure and make sure your citizens face no issue whatsoever. You need to ensure that the primary needs of people like water, food, power, education etc. are met to ensure that the happiness index of the population is thriving. You can battle against other players and strategize with your club members to wreck other cities.

Download: Android iOS

10) Emergency HQ – Free rescue strategy game

This is a new type of game based on rescue operations in time of calamities. You are in command of firefighter units, doctors, engineers and rescue services which will assist you in saving the endangered lives at the incident site. Create your own base containing different departments to handle the situation.

You can send police to catch criminals, get the injured people moved to the hospital and get the firefighters to extinguish the fire. You need to use your decision-making skills to ensure that every single person involved in the disaster is rescued. This is the best simulator game which gives you a peep into the intricate decision making involved in emergency rescue operations.

Download: Android iOS

10 Best Strategy Games available for mobile devices

Strategy based games have slightly heavy file size but are definitely worth trying as they give you an escape into another world where you can learn to deal with things which you otherwise would not be able to experience in normal life. These are the best games which require strategic thinking and help you inculcate skills that crossover to the real world.

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