PUBG New State Android Users will be experiencing an update that will strengthen anti-cheating measures in the recently launched battle royale game from Krafton. Without this latest update installed on their devices, players will not be able to play PUBG New State. Krafton has also announced special compensation for players as a part of this update.

Through a blog post, Krafton announced that the newly launched game will not work on Android devices unless players update the game. If not updated, the game will redirect players to the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store. For updating this game, players will get 3 Chicken Medals as a reward.

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PUBG New State

iOS players will also get this update soon as it is currently in the works.

This new Anti-Cheating update is one of the first of many updates that PUBG: New State will further implement to make its anti-cheating measures stringent. These measures aim at identifying and reducing cheating methods employed by players while playing the game.

Players also risk the chance of getting banned if they are caught using unethical methods or hacks while playing the game.

About PUBG New State

PUBG New State crossed 1crore+ downloads

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The multiplayer game was launched on November 11 for Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices in almost 200 countries including India. It is the latest battle royale game in the PUBG franchise which claims to bring a next-generation battle royale experience where 100 players will fight using different weapons and strategies.

Post its launch, the game hit 1 crore+ downloads within a week on the Google Play Store. PUBG New State is set in the future with features like top-class graphics, a new Troi map, and new vehicles.


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