If you are a PUBG aka BGMI fan living in India you might find this news interesting. Soon you PUBG and BGMI fans will be able to download the PUBG New State game on their iOS and Android phones. That’s right, all new the PUBG New State game is set to go official on November 11, as per the leaked trailer of the upcoming game.

The pre-registrations for PUBG New State have already crossed over the 50 million mark on ios and Android so far, making it one of the most anticipated game launches of the year.

PUBG New State Release Date Leaked

According to the leaked trailer, the game will release on November 11 at a global level. Krafton has confirmed it in a way as they have announced that the trailer is coming within a few hours. The company is teasing some “big news” announcements too that will happen immediately after the trailer launch on YouTube. The announcement made by Krafton says

What is PUBG New State?

PUBG New State is a futuristic spin-off that takes place in the year 2051. The game will be able to support up to 100 players who will engage in fierce battles to be the last surviving player/team. The trailer shows drones, guns like auto rifles, and standard vehicles like bikes, jeeps, and cars, which doesn’t give any hint of futuristic. The launch event is expected to unveil more in this department.

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Just like PUBG Battlegrounds for PC and consoles, PUBG New State will be developed by PUBG Studios and will include new maps and improved gameplay.

PUBG New State- Where is it launching?

The South Korean company has said that PUBG New State will be released on Android and iOS In more than 200 countries, including India. A final technical test is left that is expected to be conducted from October 29-30. The final technical test will be held in 28 countries namely Bahrain, Cambodia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, and Yemen.

 It will be a free-to-play mobile game in 17 different languages globally.

What does Krafton say?

“PUBG New State inherits the core of the PUBG IP and will have a competitiveness in and of itself on the global market,” said Krafton CEO CH Kim. He further added, “Krafton will continue to produce games that will be enjoyed by players across the world. We’re committed to offering an expanded experience based on the belief that games will become the most powerful type of media.”

Creative Director Daehun Kim says, “PUBG New State is aimed at pushing the battle royale genre forward through original gameplay features that include, but are not limited to, weapon customization, the drone store, and a unique player recruitment system. The game will carry four unique maps, including the future-set Troi and franchise staple Erangel. It will also receive regular updates to offer new content as well as improved gameplay and a season-based service focused on gameplay balance and fun.”

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Krafton will actively communicate with gamers and provide stable game services by establishing nine global service hubs, said Publishing Head Henry Chung.

To limit cheats on PUBG New State, head of Anti-Cheat Unit at PUBG Studios, Sangwan Kim, said, “Krafton would ban the use of unauthorized programs, emulators, keyboard and mouse and actively detect and restrict hacks.”

 The company is also claimed to closely analyze and review community feedback that is promised to be reflected through in-game updates.


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