Chess is still one of the most popular indoor board games in the world. Just laying down and relaxing over a Chess game with friends or random online players still feels like a good way to kill a summer afternoon. As is with all games, the more you play the better you get. Still, it isn’t quite easy to master this game. If you wish to practice, there are several beautiful Chess games on Android that you can try.

Let’s enumerate the best and unique chess games for Android users.

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1. Chess

Classic Chess (by AI factory limited) is a simple and familiar 2D Chess game that’s also perhaps the most popular one. You get all the rudimentary options for the single player and multiplayer games and also get a casual mode where you can benefit from hints and move take backs. A Pro mode sans these luxuries is also present for more serious players.

You can also choose between several app themes and work your way through 12 different difficulty levels.

Download Chess

2. DroidFish

DroidFish is another basic no-nonsense chess game. The features aren’t new but you get to choose from different themes and chess engines. The game gives you control over subtle aspects like a vibrate or sound alert for when your AI opponent plays its move.

Further complimenting its simplicity is the fact that the application is completely free and without any ads.

Download Droidfish

3. Play Magnus

Play Magnus is a 2D Chess game with personality. Your opponent here will be Grand Master Magnus Carlsen, and you can choose to play against 5-years old to 27 years old Magnus. The chess engine has been fed every single game Magnus has played and the AI opens with the same opening moves Magnus has used through different ages.

If you don’t give a damn about Magnus, the game has a beautiful and clean interface and uses modern colors. There are also things like “Brain Power” boost and Magnometer that lets you see through Magnus’ poker face. The app also includes training videos and tournament option.

Download Play Magnus

4. Chess Tactics Pro

If you are looking for a chess app that lets you exercise your brain and learn new tactics, the Chess Tactics Pro is what you must try. The app has a clean interface and lets you solve simple and complex chess problems (Easy, Medium, Hard).

In spite of the Pro moniker, the game is free to download and try with some optional in-app purchases like offline puzzle packs.

Download Chess Tactics Pro

5. Real Chess 3D

Real Chess 3d by EivaaGames is one of the best 3D Chess games on Play store. It looks like a real board and you can Zoom-in, Zoom out or even rotate the board 360 before you settle at an angle that works for you.

Tranquil music plays in the background but you can always turn it off. And you can also switch to 2D mode anytime. If you like an experience akin to playing chess in real, this app is the one you should try.

Download Real Chess 3D

6. Battle Chess 3D

Battle Chess 3D is a little dramatic Hogwarts-style chess board. The pieces are real men and they walk across the board when you play a move. You can opt for 3D or 2D view and maneuver chess pieces using touch or Joystick controls.

The animated chess pieces can get a little distracting but should be fun when you play with known opponents. Besides, It’s pretty simple to figure out what’s what.

Download Battle Chess 3D

7. Toon Clash Chess

Toon Clash is another 3D chess game with palatable graphics. It’s a good game for kids which is to say that the interface is thoughtfully designed and nothing as grim as Battle Chess 3D. If you capture an opponent piece, it isn’t obliterated or blown to smithereens. It just gets a gentle trashing and the particular pieces walk out to the sidelines.

Toon clash offers loads of animations and is quite fun.

Download Toon Clash Chess

8. Real Bad Chess

Real Bad Chess is a cool and unique take on chess game with an evil twist. At first glance, it would look like a regular chess game, but you will soon notice the irregularity.

Just imagine what if your team had 5 Queens or 7 Knights to begin with? Just calm your nerves and keep playing. Once you come out of the initial shock, you will get the hang of it very soon. The pro mode allows you to play with peers and gives a few more themes to choose from.

Download Real Bad Chess

9. Knights

Knights by Arzola’s Puzzle is another unique and unconventional chess game. Here you will only get one chess piece – the Knight. There are multiple color Knights and you have to move them to their respective color tiles. The puzzle gets tougher as you keep playing.

If anything you will learn to dexterously to move your knight. The soothing music is an added bonus. There is no free version but the game costs just Rs. 15.

Download Knights

10. Chess Age

Chess Age is an interactive adventure Chess game. You fight through levels to move through places and try new settings and new chess boards. This adds another fun dimension and purpose to the quest. Other than that, it’s a simple chess game with simple graphics and simple interface.

You will also learn a lot of tactics and chess strategies as you progress through levels.

Download Chess Age

10 Best Chess Games for Android In 2018

We have curated the coolest, fun and unique games in this list. I am sure you will find that’s particularly appealing to your taste. Of course, there are a million Chess games on Play Store and it’s entirely possible that we skipped an interesting one. If you are familiar with any such Chess game, share with us in the comment section below.



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