Ways to Fix Horizontal or Vertical Lines on Your Smartphone Without Visiting a Service Center

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Everything is hunky dory until the gadget in your hand faces an issue that annoys the hell out of you. One of the most common issues with smartphones nowadays is vertical or horizontal lines being visible on the screen. Sometimes, these lines appear out of nowhere like a bad omen and irritate you as you aren’t aware of what to do about it. There are various reasons why this issue has popped up and some tricks available to get it corrected at home yourself. If these work, one doesn’t need to visit a service center. In this article, we have talked about both the reasons behind the issue and how it can be rectified by the users themselves.

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Common Reasons behind Horizontal/Vertical Lines on Smartphone Screen

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1. Physical Damage

Accidental drops or banging your device’s screen against something hard might cause damage to the screen. Many times, these lines appear on the display after a smartphone suffers heavy physical damage.

Overheating- Excessive heating of the smartphone’s display due to overcharging or any other reason might cause vertical or horizontal lines on the display.

2. Connectivity issues

Any kind of loose or poor connection within the internal components of the device can cause black lines on the screen.

3. Corrupted drivers

While this one is a rare occurrence, sometimes display drivers get corrupted which can be a cause behind display damage and lines on the display.

4. Liquid Damage

Even the most premium flagship smartphones can face liquid damage. These are known as display anomalies and your device becomes more prone to it if there is moisture or water damage.

5. Software issues

In case you have updated to a new software recently, the update could have a bug that leads to lines on the display.

6. Manufacturing defect

Manufacturing defects are rare but still encountered once in a while. Your device might have a manufacturing problem that might become more apparent over time and lead to lines on the display.

7. Pressure on the screen

If your display has experienced unexpected stress, or has been accidentally bent, this can lead to the display getting vertical and horizontal lines.

8. Extreme water damage

Sometimes your device drops in water or faces water damage of any kind which leads to short-circuiting of critical circuits inside the device. This can lead to horizontal or vertical lines on the display.

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Steps to Fix Horizontal/Vertical lines on your Smartphone Screen

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  • Allow your smartphone to cool down. Remove any protective cover there is, and keep it aside without using it until its temperature gets normal. When it cools down, power it off for some time.
  • Restart your smartphone and check whether the issue is resolved or not. Sometimes, a simple restart can allow the issue to be resolved. Always restart the device in safe mode to resolve issues. Putting your smartphone in safe mode can help if the issue is due to any third-party app. It is like setting a limit to what programs your device can use at that time.
  • Check for any updates or bug fixes that have been rolled out by the manufacturer. If a previous version was corrupt, updating to a recent one might help resolve the error. To check updates, go to Settings and then System Updates and see if any new versions are available.
  • If you are sure your device has no physical damage and none of the above steps work, perform a factory reset to get rid of the issue. This step will wipe out all the data on your device, so back up your data before performing this process.
  • The last option is always visiting the authorized service center if none of the above tricks work. It might be an issue of liquid or hardware damage, which only the service center can rectify. They will check what the problem is and suggest the best possible course of action. Some companies like Lava even offer door-to-door service all over India to get your device checked and corrected.

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While it feels great to get your device rectified yourself at home, it is better to consult an expert if none of the common methods work. They might repair the display of your device or if the problem is huge, it might need to get a replacement. Most of the time, this issue is not covered under the brand’s warranty, so the onus of bearing the cost is on the user.

Hope this guide helps you if you are facing lines issues on your smartphone’s display.

Have you ever encountered this issue before? If yes, what worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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