Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platforms shows improvement in almost all aspects over the last generation Snapdragon 845. The Snapdragon 845 brings in enhancements like the new ARM cores, shift to a more power efficient process node, a dedicated AI engine, latest connectivity options, and a more power efficient image signal processor – and it’s bound to be the defacto choice for Android flagships in 2019.

What’s special about Snapdragon 855?

  • The chipset has tri-cluster configuration and the Kryo 845 Gold Prime core is clocked as high as 2.84GHz. Qualcomm claims 45% performance enhancement over SD 845
  • The new Adreno 640 GPU is 20% faster than Adreno 630 on Snapdragon 845, and supports true HDR gaming and games built around Physically Based Rendering (PBR).
  • Snapdragon 855 gets a dedicated AI engine and you can expect up to 3x performance gains in AI and complex computations
  • Snapdragon 855 also has a new Voice Assistant module will improve the processing of AI Assistants.
  • The new Spectra 380 ISP enables features like portrait mode in videos, HDR in portrait modes, and more.
  • Snapdragon 855 will be the first mobile platform to support 5G (using Snapdragon X50 modem), Wi-Fi6 11ax, and 60GHz Wi-Fi 11ay. The SD 855 supports all of these technologies using external chips, and thus phones without these features will also be available simultaneously.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Specifications

Mobile Platform Snapdragon 855
Processor Cores 2.84GHz Kryo 485 Gold Core (Cortex A76- based), 512KB L2 Cache

2.4GHz 3x Kryo 485 Gold cores (Cortex A76-based), 256KB L2 Cache each

1.8GHz 4x Kryo Silver Cores (Cortex A55-based), 128KB L2 Cache each

2MB L3 Cache

Process 7nm
GPU Adreno 640
RAM 4x 16-bit CH @ 2133MHz


3MB system cache

Modem Snapdragon X24 LTE
ISP Dual 14-bit Spectra 380

Supports up to one 48MP sensor

Supports up to two 22MP sensors

DSP Hexagon 690 with integrated tensor accelerator unit (or NPU)

Voice assistant AI Module

Encode/ Decode 2160p60 10-bit H.265

HDR10, HDR10+, HLG



Best Snapdragon 855 Phones To Buy This Year

here are the best available snapdragon 855 phones to consider:

1. Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT was the first phone to be announced with Snapdragon 855 chipset, but it will only hit retail shelves by the end of January 2019. The Z5 Pro GT comes in multiple RAM and Storage variants ranging between CNY 2,698 (~Rs 28,000) and CNY 4398 (~ Rs 45,000), and the top model excesses with 12GB RAM and 512GB storage.

Other highlights include IR based face unlock, notch-less full-view display, dual Selfie a slider concealing dual selfie cameras, Android Pie based software, and a modest 3350mAh battery.

2. Vivo Apex 2019

Vivo’s new Apex has a button-less and port-less (well, almost) design and is powered by Snapdragon 855 octa-core chipset paired with up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB storage. The volume and power buttons are pressure sensitive, and the magnetic port on the rear can be used for battery charging and data transfer.

This piece of cutting-edge technology also has an AMOLED screen, a full-screen fingerprint reader, and 5G support.

3. OnePlus 5G (Upcoming)

OnePlus is known to use Qualcomm’s reigning best for its flagships and the company has already confirmed that its upcoming 5G phone will be the among the first few Snapdragon 855-powered phones in 2019.

OnePlus 5G or OnePlus 7 image leaked

The availability of the first OnePlus 5G phone is expected to be limited to Europe, but that won’t be the case with the OnePlus 7 that’s likely to launch in Q2 2018.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10 (Upcoming)

Samsung has also confirmed that it will be using Snapdragon 855 on its first 5G phone in the US. This should be the next Galaxy S10/S10+. Other rumors and recent appearances on benchmark sites further corroborate Samsung using Qualcomm’s latest on its upcoming flagship.

The Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be quite an interesting phone. Based on credible rumors and reports, it’s likely to include dual punch-hole selfie cameras, 3D face recognition, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and portrait mode in videos.

5 Best Snapdragon 855 Phones To Buy In 2019

The Snapdragon 855 is sure to find its way to top-tier phones. The only other competition for Android phones is Kirin 980 and Samsung’s Exynos 9820, which are both restricted to Huawei and Samsung phones, respectively. So, we are naturally going to see Snapdragon 855 on the next-generation LG, Oppo, Vivo, and Nokia flagships.

Best Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Phone list (Upcoming)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Phone list Availability
Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Expected in Q3
Vivo Apex 2019 Expected in Q2
OnePlus 5G Expected in Q3
Samsung Galaxy S10 Expected Feb 20, 2019


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