Top 10 Best Foldable Smartphones

As smartphone tech seeks new solutions to accommodate bigger and better screens, foldable smartphone became an inevitable answer. We have been talking about Foldable phones for many years now, but it’s only now that they are sure to go mainstream.

We can sense the upcoming deluge of foldable screen phones starting from next week at MWC, but is it really the beginning of a new era? Frankly, it’s too early to say, but judging by the enthusiasm around this tech evolution, perhaps the trend will catch on.

Are there apps optimized for foldable display phones?

Yes, Android has ‘Screen Continuity’, and so developers won’t have to go through an awful lot of trouble to optimize their apps for foldable displays. Simply put, its the feature by which an app could smoothly and seamlessly transform to and fro the different screen sizes.

App developers have had a headstart and many major apps must already be compatible. Google has already encouraging developers to add Screen Continuity, Multi-resume, and Multi-display support to their apps to make the transition to foldable phones smouth.

In concept, the option to enlarge screen in particular apps seems extremely alluring. Here’s a list of foldable phones that will go official very soon!

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Renders: LetsGoDigital

Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to sport a 7.3-inch screen with 1,536 x 2,152 resolution that folds in half and you’ve got a 4.58-inch screen on the surface. Turn on the screen, you would be greeted by the OneUI based on Android 9.0 Pie. Needless to say, it would adhere to the aforementioned software features.

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Interestingly, multi-displays are allegedly fueled by multiple batteries. The Galaxy Fold is rumored to include two batteries with 2,190mAh capacity, 4,380mAh in total. The phone will also include triple rear cameras, which is pretty standard for Samsung phones these days.

The South-Korean giant has hinted at a limited release of only 1 million units and a price of around $1,350.

2. Xiaomi Dual Flex or MIX Flex

Unlike Samsung, Xiaomi intends to mass-manufacture its foldable device. A double folding smartphone was seen used by the company president and co-founder Mr. Lin Bin in a video. When he folds it from left and right side, the display transforms into a smaller form factor like a phone.

We couldn’t get a view of the cameras or the power button. However, the phone sported MIUI skin which could’ve been guessed otherwise too.

3. Huawei Foldable Smartphone

Huawei will be showcasing the Foldable smartphone at MWC 2019. The Chinese giant takes the game up a notch with the purported 5G support on these new devices. The company had long promised on the introduction of this tech before the competition. Since 2017, we have had its design patents surface online.

The design and structure are pretty evident from the illustration above. Could the foldable division manage to take the top spot from Samsung? First, let’s see how it holds the ground against the rest in MWC.

4. Royole Flexpai

While the whole world was waiting for Samsung and other big shots to launch a folding smartphone, Royole Flexpai was revealed. The tech community, however, was not impressed by the rushed up barebone device.

5. OPPO Foldable Smartphone


OPPO’s Product Manager Chuck Wang has settled the speculations on their foldable smartphone debut at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. OPPO has reportedly patented three or more designs, but it’s still unclear on which one of these we would witness at the mobile trade show.

6. Moto Razr 2019

This year we could witness the Return of the Razr, a legendary smartphone from the good old Motorola days. Now, the Lenovo-owned brand is trying to bank on nostalgia and revive it back.

Twitterati has leaked some videos and pictures showcasing the device in all glory. The new Razr is rumored to cost $1,500 (approx). If not for the masses, this could interest the enthusiasts.

7. Microsoft Andromeda

Microsoft has been able to do good business in recent times thanks to its venture into the cloud and services platform. After the whole Nokia plus Windows phone and whatever the company was planning went downhill, it could make another attempt at cracking phones with Andromeda.

Microsoft’s foldable smartphone would be running Windows 10, not the clunky depreciated windows phone OS. Details are still sparse, but this upcoming phone is rumored to be powered by an ARM chipset and have a USB Type-C port.

8. Blackberry Foldable Smartphone

TCL, a company that owns Blackberry and Alcatel could unveil five foldable devices, one of them works like a folder wristwatch. It could either automatically strap itself or you might have to smack it onto your wrist. Either way, it’s fascinating for a folding concept and unlike the rest, it won’t be bulky and bizarrely sized.

9. iQOO Foldable Phone

Vivo’s recently launched sub-brand iQOO has been teasing several interesting phones since it went official. One of these is a Foldable phone, and the leaked renders don’t show any buttons or ports. Since these were posted by random sources on Weibo, we don’t know how much faith we could put into them just yet.

10. Intel Foldable Smartphone

Intel Working on a 3-Display Foldable Phone That Opens Into a Tablet, Patent Suggests

Based on an Intel patent application titled, ‘Electronic device with foldable display panels’, a Dutch website conceived the above renders of the forthcoming Intel device. When the device is fully folded, it’s a smartphone with all the cameras, sensors and the receiver are placed underneath the display.

Unfold it two times, and you’ve got a large tablet with three displays. Each of these sports two cameras each, so six in total. It could include a stylus pen that inserts into the cavities formed by the folds. And maybe, a magnet holds it within.

Apple Foldable Smartphone?

Ever since the iPhone X was launched back in September 2017, there have been rumors on an upcoming Foldable iPhone. Unlike the Galaxy F which folds inwards, Apple’s foldable phone could fold outwards.

Anyways, Apple won’t be jumping the foldable phone bandwagon until 2020. The same goes for LG.

10 Best Foldable Phones Coming Up This Year

Apart from LG and Apple, all major Smartphone makers will put forth a foldable Android phone in 2019.

Samsung Senior VP Hark-sang Kim believes their Infinity Flex Display will be prospective for reimagining the smartphone tech. This would be fruitful for the business too. But everything’s possible only if they are reasonably priced. The handiness, user interface, software experience, hardware internals, etc should at least match, if not surpass the current trends.



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