Snapchat My AI Chatbot: Features, Safety, Usage, and More

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest trending topics nowadays. There is a race to include AI in everything. From the best AI writing apps to the best AI video editing apps, generative AI is everywhere. Social Media too is not untouched by AI. Snapchat which is an extremely popular social media platform used by young people to engage with each other by sharing stories, messages, photos, and videos has recently introduced a new AI chatbot called “My AI”. This chatbot has been designed to help users with various tasks through their messaging section in the Snapchat app. Let us have a look at whatever we know about Snapchat’s My AI chatbot till now.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot: What is it?

Snapchat My AI is a chatbot designed to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to social media. It works as a chat companion and follows the league of ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard platforms. It can be used to do a variety of things and packs some additional features too which make it unique.

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What can Snapchat My AI do?

Snapchat My AI can help you plan trips, recommend birthday gifts for friends or family, suggest suitable recipes, write poems, vows and dedications, and more. Snapchat users use My AI to pass the time as well. It can write short pieces only and can’t do blog posts, essays, etc. While earlier My AI was available for Snapchat+ members only, now it can be accessed by non-members as well. Here are some cool things that Snapchat My AI allows-

  • Snapchat promotes My AI as users’ individual chatbot so you can personalize it just like Bitmoji. One can change the appearance of My AI chatbot by tapping on one avatar and selecting the Customize option. There are options to choose skin tone, hair color, face shape, and more. You can also choose outfits for your avatar.
  • Users can interact with My AI chatbot like they are talking to a friend. It replies constantly when you send “Hey”. The chatbot initiates a fun conversation and one can play trivia games as well like 20 questions.
  • You can now include Snapchat My AI in conversations with friends. Just mention @MyAI in a one-to-one group chat and My AI will get activated. The messages sent by My AI are marked differently than regular chats.
  • My AI can give suggestions for local activities or lenses. Snap Map shows the hotspots that other Snapchatters visit often and Snapchat Lenses offers suggestions about a lens wishing someone on their birthday or a lens making you look like an alien.
  • Users can ask My AI to tell them jokes, ideas for dinner dates, weather updates, fitness tips, and more. You can send photo/video snaps to My AI and receive a chat reply about it as well.

How to Get My AI Chatbot on Android/iOS Mobiles

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device and go to the Chats section from the bottom navigation bar.
  • From the Chats List, you will find My AI at the top. Click on it to open the chat AI on Snapchat.
  • You will get a ‘Say Hi to My AI’ pop-up window. Read through the details and tap on OK to start using My AI.

This will enable My AI on your Snapchat account. If you can’t find it, you might have disabled auto-app updates or will need to force enable it. Continue reading to force enable it.

How to Force Enable My AI Chatbot on Android/ iOS Mobiles

For this, you will need a Snapchat+ membership.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your device and from the camera screen, click on the Bitmoji profile in the top left corner. You will see your Snapchat profile on the screen.
  • Tap on Snapchat+ card and you will see a list of features that the Plus membership offers. Tap on Next.
  • Choose the subscription plan and choose ‘Start Free Trial’.
  • If you are using Snapchat+ for the first time, you will get an option of a 7-day free trial depending on your location. This will give you Snapchat AI which you can try for a few days and if you feel it’s useless you can opt out anytime without getting charged.
  • After the Plus membership gets activated, go to the Chats section from the bottom navigation bar. There you will find My AI chat, open it to start a conversation.

This will enable Snapchat AI on your account with all the premium features.

How to Remove Snapchat My AI from your Chat Feed

If you are not interested in using Snapchat My AI, you can easily disable the chatbot. The user can unpin its chat and remove it entirely as well. Just follow these steps-

  • Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. Click on Settings in the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the Privacy Controls settings and tap on Clear Data. Next, tap on Clear Conversations on the next page.
  • The Clear Conversations page will open and click on the ‘X’ mark next to ‘My AI’ to remove the chatbot from your chat feed.

This will remove My AI chatbot from your Snapchat Account.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot: Safety and Privacy

Generally, Snapchat My AI is safe to use. Like other virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google, and Cortana, one should be careful that he/she doesn’t overshare personal information when talking to My AI. Moreover, AI chatbots are still new and mostly unregulated so there are always some concerns regarding privacy and security.

Snapchat My AI has been programmed to avoid harmful responses including violent, hateful, sexually explicit, or dangerous information but it might not always be successful. The company has claimed that My AI is not perfect and very prone to mistakes. This means one cannot reply to this bot or its information completely and take everything with a grain of salt. Teens and children are at a greater risk as they aren’t aware of what they should do and how far they should go while using the chatbot. Follow the guidelines below to help young people use My AI responsibly.

Guidelines to Use My AI Safely

  • Encourage children to have open conversations about their use of the chatbot. Ask them to talk to adults if they have any concerns.
  • Set guidelines for when and how long children can use the chatbot. This will prevent them from becoming over-reliant on chatbots for emotional support.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on your child’s use of the chatbot. If you notice any drastic changes in the behavior or mood of your child, it might be due to some stress related to My AI.
  • Remind them that at the end of the day, My AI is a computer only. Human conversations and connections are always important when they need emotional support.
  • Teach the children how they can keep themselves safe online. What information they should share and what does not, need to be understood by them.

Limitations of My AI

  • Snapchat My AI is still in the refinement stage, so sometimes its responses can be biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading. The answers provided should be cross-checked before being used.
  • Unlike other chatbots, all messages with My AI will be retained unless you delete them yourself.

FAQs on Snapchat My AI Chatbot

1. Which language model does Snapchat My AI use?

Snapchat My AI is based on Open AI’s GPT technology and uses the latest GPT 3.5 language model.

2. Is My AI on Snapchat a real person?

No, My AI on Snapchat is not a real person. It is an AI chatbot designed to simulate user conversations and interactions.

3. Does Snapchat My AI store conversations?

Snapchat My AI does store your conversations in the chat tab. The records remain there until you delete them.

4. What other data can Snapchat My AI access?

It stores your city-level location to improve the AI chatbot.

5. What shouldn’t one use My AI for?

My AI should not be used to generate political, sexual, harassing, or deceptive content, spam, malware, or content that promotes violence, self-harm, human trafficking, etc.

6. Is My AI safe to use?

Yes, My AI bot is designed to keep user safety and privacy in mind. It is safe to use.

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