Apple GPT: Release Date, History, Features, Competitors & More

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The Generative AI Space is one of the most exciting tech areas at the moment. Recently Google also announced its chatbot Bard to come with even better functionalities. The arena is exploding with exciting technological innovations every day and though players like OpenAI with ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing have been leading the race, another tech giant is about to step into the field and join the race soon.

Rumors are rife that Apple is working on its own AI product, some kind of Apple GPT, chatbot that might launch next year. While on the surface the brand has been silent about a chatbot, under the surface it is not complacent at all. Apple has been hard at work developing a new and exciting chatbot that the brand hopes might revolutionize the space. Dive in to know everything we know about Apple GPT so far.

What is Apple GPT?

Apple GPT is a long-rumored AI chatbot like ChatGPT that may one day roll out for all Apple devices. Currently, Apple GPT exists as an internal project as its engineering team and privacy concerns prototype are being worked out.

Apple GPT exists as an internal generative AI chatbot for Apple engineers at the moment. It works like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI and is trained on its large language model as engineers prototype features and use it to summarize text and answer questions in everyday workflow.

The AI framework from Apple, Ajax is built on top of Google Jax and Apple uses Ajax to create its proprietary Large Language Model running on Google Cloud. LLMs enable generative artificial intelligence chatbots to converse like humans and create new content, such as text, images, or music. The Apple GPT is mostly being entirely developed in-house.

Apple GPT: Release Timeline

This is a billion-dollar question that has no sure answer as of now. There are various theories about when Apple GPT will be released or whether will it be released or not. Some sources claim that Apple plans to make an AI-related announcement in 2024 which might be about Apple GPT. The giant might offer its GPT for consumer use.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has expressed the company’s concerns with privacy and security many times and has claimed that Apple intends to make sure that all concerns are interrogated and addressed before they offer an AI Service. This hints that Apple GPT might not roll out even in 2024.

The 3rd theory is that Apple GPT will never be rolled out for public use. A Bloomberg report claims that the chatbot might be used for internal purposes only. Apple Employees are currently prohibited from using rival AI chatbots due to security concerns and Apple GPT is meant for the company only. GPT might be used as a tool for the AppleCare Support staff to assist them in solving consumer issues. If the 3rd theory turns out to be true, then Apple users will never get to experience the AI experience of Apple’s chatbot.

Apple GPT: History

Apple devices and services like Apple Maps, Siri, Apple Search, and Mixed Reality Headset Vision Pro have all benefited from the gradual introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But to date, Apple doesn’t have a chatbot that could be a front-facing tool for its users. OpenAI’s ChatGPT opened the floodgates for numerous generative AI apps like Bing Chat and Google Bard.

While Apple is known for creating hype and then using the hype to build anticipation around its products, it has stayed away from the commotion around ChatGPT till now. Recently, Bloomberg revealed that Apple is developing an AI chatbot called “Apple GPT” but it is still undecided on how to release it to the public.

Internal Testing of Apple GPT

Apple’s AI Chief John Giannandrea is leading development on large language models within Apple, and Giannandrea reports directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he established a team that works on conversational AI 4 years ago, and work has ramped up in the last year.

Apple has been testing an Apple GPT for the last several months. This generative AI will rival ChatGPT and is a priority for Apple with the company designing an Ajax framework for it. Ajax is said to be more capable than the prior generation ChatGPT 3.5 and it has been trained on more than 200 billion parameters. As of September 2023, Open AI’s newer models are more powerful than Ajax.

Back in May 2023, Tim Cook said that the potential of AI is very interesting but some issues need to be sorted with the technology. It is very important to be deliberate and thoughtful when deciding how and when AI should be used.

Apple’s Usage of AI & Machine learning at the moment

Since Apple focuses more on using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it has been using AI for almost everything already.

  • Photos– Apple uses machine learning to enhance photos that are taken with the iPhone’s camera.
  • Spotlight search– Spotlight search and search throughout the iOS operating system is powered by AI.
  • Visual Lookup- This feature lets the iPhone detect the content in photos in a machine learning feature.
  • Crash Detection and Fall Detection– Fall Detection and Crash Detection both use machine learning to determine whether someone has been in a car crash or had a fall based on the information collected by the various sensors in Apple devices.
  • ECG– The ECG feature on Apple Watch looks at heart rhythm data to determine whether someone is likely to be experiencing atrial fibrillation.
  • Autocorrect– Apple’s autocorrect system and word suggestion options are powered by machine learning.
  • Siri Suggestions– When your iPhone suggests something such as sending someone a birthday message or adding an event in your Mail app to the Calendar, it’s using machine learning algorithms.

Apple’s Plans for Generative AI Products for Consumers

Apple is experimenting on various fronts to create a Generative AI Product for its Consumers.

1. Apple’s work on generative AI could eventually be incorporated into its Siri Voice assistant. In February 2023, Apple held an AI summit and briefed employees on its large language model work. The Information claims that Apple is aiming to create a feature that would let Siri automate multi-step tasks, automatically performing tasks that are accomplished with Shortcuts today. Apple might be aiming for a smarter version of Siri that’s deeply integrated with AI.

2. Apple is rumored to be planning to add AI to as many Apple apps as possible. The brand could add AI to create auto-generated playlists in Apple Music, while in Xcode, AI Support might help developers write and troubleshoot codes.

3. Apple might use Apple GPT for internal use only.

Challenges For Apple GPT

Since Apple’s GPT will be the latest entry into the GPT space, it is expected to face some unique challenges. These might be-

  • The biggest challenge will be competition. Since most of the competitors have already rolled out their AI platforms which are gaining popularity, Apple GPT will have to do something special to make the consumers shift from the AI chatbots they are using to this one.
  • Apple is known for its dedication to user privacy so the privacy concerns surrounding the chatbots are a huge hurdle for Apple to overcome. These concerns will cause delays in an Apple GPT release or may lead to Apple not rolling it out for the public at all.

Apple GPT: Rivals/Competitors

Almost every major tech company has some kind of AI product in the works, These are all going to be stiff competitors for Apple GPT if it rolls out for the consumers.

  • Google– Google Bard is a chat-based AI tool. Google has integrated generative AI into its search products and apps, plus Bard can integrate with Google Flights, Maps, Drive, and more.
  • Microsoft– Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI for a version of ChatGPT that is integrated with its Bing Search Engine.
  • Amazon– Amazon is working to enhance Alexa voice assistant with generative AI.
  • Meta– Meta is incorporating generative AI into several of its apps, WhatsApp and Messenger for example, can use generative AI to make custom stickers, while there’s a Meta AI beta available for WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

FAQs about Apple GPT

1. How good is Apple GPT?

Apple GPT is still in the development stage so nothing can be said about its effectiveness against its competitors.

2. Can consumers use Apple GPT yet?

No, Apple GPT has not been rolled out to the public yet.

3. Will Apple GPT be free?

Since Apple GPT hasn’t been released to the public, no one knows if it will be made available for free or will be a paid service.

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