Adobe Annoucnes Generative AI-Based Video Editing Features For Premiere Pro

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Adobe has announced that it is working on integrating AI-based features in one of its most popular products – Premiere Pro. Although we don’t have a particular timeline, the company has announced that it will launch three new AI-based features for Premiere Pro users. With the features, editors will be able to extend a shot by a few frames, remove unwanted objects from shots, or generate b-rolls on demand. 

Premiere Pro To Get New Features For Improving Workflow

“Today, we’re excited to share our vision for bringing generative AI video workflows inside of Adobe Premiere Pro with brand new tools,” mentions the company in an official press release. These features include making shots a little longer, adding new objects or removing unwanted ones, generating missing b-rolls, and so on. With a new interface that facilitates these features, editors will be able to “do things they’ve never been able to do before, without leaving Premiere Pro.”

Adobe Premiere Pro To Get These AI-Based Features

  • Generative Extend: The tool can help users make shots a bit longer by generating entirely new frames at the clip’s beginning or end. Editors can use the extra footage to fine-tune edits, hold a shot for an extra beat of music, or add a few frames to cover a transition.
  • Object Addition and Removal: These new AI-based smart masking and tracking tools make selecting and removing objects from videos easier and faster. Users can replace moving objects in a shot, remove unwanted items, or quickly add set dressings.
  • Generative B-Roll: Editors will be able to use simple text prompts to generate video clips that are right for the timeline. This includes a difficult-to-shoot concept, generating b-rolls that are hard to find, or crafting placeholders to assist with planning.

To expand the varied plugin ecosystem, Adobe has also shared its early explorations around incorporating third-party generative AI tools and models, such as OpenAI’s Sora, RunwayML, and Pika. 

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