Samsung has just announced ISOCELL JN1 – a new 50MP camera sensor targeted at smartphones. What’s really interesting to note here is the size of each pixel in this new sensor is just 0.64 μm. This allows the South Korean giant to reduce the entire sensor size to 1/2.76-inches. According to Samsung, it is currently Industry’s smallest 0.64μm-Pixel Mobile Image Sensor.

In recent times, Samsung’s imagery arm has been really active as it has announced several smartphone camera sensors including 48MP GM1 & GM2, 64MP GW1, 50MP GN2, and 108MP HMX image sensor. With the entry of Samsung’s new 50MP ISOCELL JN1 sensor, OEMs won’t have to worry about camera bulge anymore.

In Samsung’s words, it is “the most versatile image sensor” to date. The new sensor comes with ISOCELL 2.0, Tetrapixel technology, Real-Time HDR, Double Super Phase Detection, and overall improved autofocus & accuracy.

Here’s all the Highlights of Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensor:

Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensor highlights

  • It has Samsung’s new ISOCELL 2.0 technology which sees light sensitivity improvement by around 16-percent.
  • Samsung’s new JN1 sensor utilizes four-to-one pixel binning technology, Tetrapixel, which merges four adjacent 0.64μm-pixels into one big 1.28μm-pixel to quadruple light sensitivity for brighter 12.5Mp photographs.
  • The JN1 sensor is compatible with existing 1/2.8-inch products. This means it can be used for selfie, ultra-wide or telephoto cameras.
  • It comes with Smart-ISO technology that changes the conversion gain based on the environment’s illumination level. Uses Low ISO mode in bright settings to retain detail in the highlights, and High ISO in low-lit environments to reduce readout noise and generate excellent low-light performance. It also has a feature called inter-scene HDR in mixed-light settings for optimum exposure levels derived from two separate readouts, from Low and High ISOs, that are merged to create a final image.
  • Double Super PD doubles the density of autofocus pixels over the sensor from 1/32 to 1/16 delivering faster, more accurate autofocus, even in dark surroundings or when you’re shooting an action-packed scene.
  • Supports up to 4K resolution video recording at 60 frames-per-second (fps) or full HD at 240fps.

“Samsung’s advanced pixel technologies have once again pushed boundaries with the utmost precision to develop an image sensor with the industry’s smallest pixel size, yet with powerful performance. The new ISOCELL JN1 at 0.64μm will be able to equip tomorrow’s sleekest smartphones with ultra-high resolution mobile photographs,” said Duckhyun Chang, executive vice president of the sensor business at Samsung Electronics.


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