Samsung first introduced Galaxy On5 for Indian customers last October. In less than a year’s time, it has introduced an upgrade – the Galaxy On5 Pro in India alongside its elder sibling, the On7 Pro. The On5 Pro has already hit the virtual retail shelves of Amazon India today and is currently retailing at Rs. 9,190. In comparison to the original Galaxy On5, it has slightly improved specifications. Let’s dig deeper to find out answers to the most common questions user ask about Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro.


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Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro Specifications And Features:

Model Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro
Display 5-Inch TFT HD Display
Processor 1.3GHz quad-core Exynos processor, Mali- GPU
RAM 2GB (663 MB free on first boot)
Internal Storage 16GB, supports MicroSD card up to 128GB
Software Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Primary Camera 8MP AF, F/2.2 aperture
Secondary Camera 5MP, F/2.2 lens
Battery 2600 mAh, removable, no fast charging
Others Dual (Micro) SIM, 4G LTE with VoLTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio
Price 9,190 INR


  • Android marshmallow
  • Good camera
  • Decent battery life
  • S-bike mode
  • Ergonomic design


  • Missing Gyroscope and Ambient light sensors
  • No HDR mode
  • Slippery

Design and Display

Question: How is the Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro design?

Answer: The Galaxy On5 Pro design is more or less the same as its predecessor. Just like the On 5, it comes with all plastic body. The back has a faux leather back and metallic finish edges amend its overall appeal. Face of the phone is dominated by a 5-inch display, a home button and by recent apps and back capacitive keys.


On the left edge hardware buttons are placed on the left (power) and right edges (volume rocker). The rear camera is flanked between LED flash and speaker grill. There is slight hump surrounding camera module.

Overall, there is not much to choose between the Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On5 Pro as both closely resembles each other.

Question: How is the build quality of the Galaxy ON5 Pro?

Answer: The built quality of Galaxy ON5 Pro is close to best what one can get in this price range. Despite being light and compact Samsung has ensured that there is flex and creaks complaints with the phone. Its compact size makes it easily manageable.

Question: Are the capacitive keys on Galaxy ON5 Pro backlit?

Answer:  No. They are silver coated and are not backlit.

Question: How is the display of Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Samsung recently introduced its SAMOLED display in the budget smartphone Galaxy J2 2016 so it was expected that Korean giant will do the same with On5 Pro but that wasn’t the case. The Galaxy On5 Pro comes with TFT display with HD resolution. In direct comparison with J2 2016, it scores with in terms of display sharpness, brightness, details and viewing angles.


On the downside, it has slightly cold tones and unlike J2 it doesn’t have any option to adjust the color temperature as per individual preference.
Lack of oleophobic coating on the Galaxy On5 Pro display which ensures it attract smudges easily.

Question: How is the outdoor visibility? Does the Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro has the option for automatic brightness?

Answer: outdoor visibility is excellent. There is no option for automatic brightness, and you will have to manually adjust brightness or check the ‘Outdoors’ box next to brightness slider for some added boost whenever you step outdoors.

Question: Does the Galaxy On5 Pro display has gorilla glass protection?

Answer: No. Samsung hasn’t provided any scratch resistant layer on the display.

Question: Does it have features such as Smart Glow and TST which we witness in recently launched Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Smart Glow was Samsung’s attempt to do something out of the box with LED notification light. On the other hand, TST or Turbo Speed Technology has been designed to improve system performance. Samsung has refrained from introducing these two new features in Galaxy On7 Pro and On5 Pro. Both of these new innovations are currently limited to Galaxy J2 2016 only.

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Performance and Storage

Question: How much internal storage space is free on Galaxy ON5 Pro?

Answer: Out of 16GB, 11.80GB is available to users.

Question: Does Galaxy On5 Pro support microSD card? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Yes, it supports MicroSD cards up to 128GB. it also allows the user to move certain apps to microSD card. however, Marshmallow’s Adaptive storage feature is also missing from the phone.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro support Adoptable storage?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: Does Galaxy On5 Pro support USB OTG?

Answer: Yes, The Galaxy On5 Pro supports USB OTG.


Question: Does Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro has a fingerprint sensor?

Answer: No.

Question: How is the day-to-day or general performance? How is gaming performance of Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: The Galaxy On5 Pro is a budget smartphone aimed towards basic users. Day to day apps like Whatsapp and Facebook works well on the phone. It manages to run basic games like Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfer without much hiccups.

We tried to test the waters with Asphalt 8 Airborne and manages to hold up at modest graphic settings.

Question: What are benchmark scores of Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Here are some benchmark scores.

Benchmark Standards Benchmark Scores
AnTuTu  23178
Nenamarks 2  52.4 fps
Quadrant  1498
Vellamo (browser, metal, multicore)  1632, 878, 1123
Geekbench 3 (single core, multi-core)  349, 1076

IMG_2803Question: Does Galaxy ON5 PRO has heating issues?

Answer: No, it runs cool.

Question: How much RAM is free on first boot in Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: At the time of first boot, Approx. 1GB RAM is free.

Question: Does Galaxy On5 Pro support Google cardboard and other VR Apps?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. Gyroscope sensor is not present which is necessary for all VR apps.


Question: How is the Galaxy On5 Pro camera quality?

Answer: The Galaxy On5 Pro offers a decent camera but has its limitation. Images captured during golden hour, at first appear crisp and vibrant. However, on close observation, we found images lack details slightly, and colors were minutely off (which most of us won’t even notice). Like most budget smartphone it too struggles in low-light imagery. There is a Pro mode in default camera app which allows users to adjust ISO, white balance and exposure value.IMG_2805

It is capable of recording full HD videos and selfie camera performed well in our limited usage. The missing HDR mode is missing on On5 Pro. We will reserve out final verdict on camera for our full review.

Galaxy ON5 PRO Camera Samples

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Question: How well does the HDR Mode work on the Galaxy On5 Pro camera?

Answer: No, HDR mode hasn’t been included.

Question: Can the Galaxy On5 Pro shoot 4K videos?

Answer: No, it can’t record 4K videos. At best, it can only record videos up to 1080p.

Question: Can you record slow-motion videos on Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: No. there is no option to record slo-mos in default camera app.

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Question: How is the software on the new Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Like Samsung Galaxy J2, the On5 Pro also comes running on Android Marshmallow based TouchWiz UI out of the box. It features Samsung’s much-hyped features such as UDS (universal data saving) and S-Bike Mode. The UI is simple, clean and clutter free. There are no bloatware and Samsung has already pushed an OTA update so far, which suggest Samsung will be pro-active with updates for the device.

Question: Does the Galaxy On5 Pro support Gestures?

Answer: The Galaxy On5 Pro doesn’t support on-screen gestures. However, for user convenience, there is an option to quickly trigger camera app with a double tap on a home button.


 Question: Does the Galaxy On5 Pro support double tap to wake feature?

Answer: No.


Question: What kind of SIM cards does Galaxy On5 Pro support?

Answer: The handset accepts one Micro SIM and one Nano SIM cards. The slot is not hybrid.

Question: How is the call quality on Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Call quality is excellent.

Question: How is the Battery backup on Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: The Galaxy On5 Pro offers better than expected Battery backup. Despite having a mediocre 2600 mAh battery, it manages to squeeze out 1-day mark rather comfortably. Overall we are pleased with its battery performance.


Question: Does Galaxy On5 Pro support fast charging?

Answer: No, fast charging isn’t supported.

Question: What are the sensors present in Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Only Accelerometer, Proximity, and screen orientation sensor are present in Galaxy On5 Pro.

Question: Is the battery removable on Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Yes, the battery is removable.

Question: How loud is the loudspeaker on Galaxy On5 Pro?

Answer: Loudspeaker is present next to the camera sensor. Loudness is average.

Question: How is the audio quality via headphones?

Answer: Audio quality via headphones is decent.

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The new Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro houses slightly better hardware and updated software as compares to its predecessor, which results in better performance. Having a Samsung badge on the forehead and at the back will certainly help the Galaxy On5 Pro stand out in the crowded budget smartphone space. The Galaxy On5 Pro is a decent device for all those who are yet to experience a Smartphone.


  1. How to enable the VoLTE function said in the On5 pro. Can we make Wifi calls (voip) by using wifi without using any mobile networks

  2. my mobile samsung galaxy on5 pro’s battary atomatic finish without using privious night 50% but monring the mobile swich off what to do plzz help me….


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