Samsung’s affordable J series smartphones leverage tier-1 branding rather successfully and have been doing really well for the south-Korean conglomerate thus far. The specs have never been the primary focus, but yes, Samsung has been brainstorming to introduce a new punch with each upcoming budget J series handset. The Galaxy J2 2016 is differentiated by its “Smart Glow” LED notification ring and “Turbo Speed Technology”. Let’s explore it further as we answer all Samsung J2 (2016) related user queries.

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Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2019)

Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) Specifications And Features:

Model Samsung Galaxy J2 2016
Display 5-Inch, Super AMOLED HD Display
Processor 1.5GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC8830 processor, Mali-400MP2 GPU
RAM 1.5GB (663 MB free on first boot)
Internal Storage 8GB (Approx 4GB Free), 32GB MicroSD card supported
Software Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Primary Camera 8MP AF, F/2.2 lens
Secondary Camera 5MP, F/2.2 lens
Battery 2600 mAh, removable, no fast charging
Others Dual (Micro) SIM, 4G LTE with VoLTE, Smart Glow, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio
Price 9,750 INR

Design and Display

Question: How is the Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 design?

Answer: The Galaxy J2 (2016) design feels refreshing. Unlike J3 and a few other J series handsets, the Galaxy J2 2016 makes no bones about being a plastic handset. Gone are the faux leather back and the gaudy chrome finished plastic edges desperately trying to pass as metal. Instead, the new Galaxy J2 flaunts a matte finish polycarbonate back that is adorned with a broad strip of multiple-ridges that extend and flow all over the side edges.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2018)

The camera module is surrounded by a Smart Glow light which looks great, especially when it glows.

The front is like most other Samsung phones (or like original J2), but the 720p HD AMOLED screen and rounded corners add to the overall appeal. The display is followed by a physical home button flanked by recent apps and back capacitive keys. Other hardware buttons – the Volume Rocker and Power Key – provide good tactile feedback.

The Galaxy J2 looks better than other budget J series handsets around.

Question: How is the build quality of the Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: The Galaxy J2 2016 is a solidly built phone. There are no flexes or creaks in the body. It’s light, compact and easily manageable.

Question: Are the capacitive keys on Galaxy J2 2016 backlit?

Answer:  No. They are silver coated and are not backlit

Question: How is the display of Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer:  Galaxy J2 2016 is one of the rare few phones in this budget which offers an AMOLED panel. The display has good contrast and is sharp enough for first time Android users. Viewing angles are great and colors are punchy. You can choose from 4 display modes in color settings to get the color temperature in line with your taste.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2017)

The touch glass on the display isn’t very smooth and doesn’t have oleophobic coating to resist smudges. This is a common problem we face on budget phones. However, since most people use a scratch guard or tempered glass either way, this might not be a dealbreaker.

Question: How is the outdoor visibility? Does the Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 has the option for automatic brightness?

Answer: outdoor visibility is excellent. There is no option for automatic brightness, and you will have to manually adjust brightness or check the ‘Outdoors’ box next to brightness slider for some added boost whenever you step outdoors.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2020)

Question: Does the Galaxy J2 2016 display has gorilla glass protection?

Answer: No. Samsung hasn’t provided any scratch resistant layer on the display.

Smart Glow and TST

Question: What is Smart Glow?

Answer: Smart Glow is an attempt to redefine how you interact with LED notifications. It is a diffused ring encircling the camera module that houses LED lights at each corner. You can program its behavior to an extent. Besides system alerts, you can program it to glow in specific colors for a total of 4 contacts/apps.


Question: How customizable is it?
Answer: You can assign different colors to different contacts or Apps (up to 4 in total) by adjusting R G B sliders. The light doesn’t reproduce colors set very accurately. You can set the number of times you wish it to glow (maximum 3). In our experience, it is more of a design element than an effective notification light.

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Question: What is TST?

Answer: TST or Turbo Speed Technology has been designed to improve system performance. Samsung has redesigned system apps to take less storage space, has restricted activities in the background and proactively kills apps cached in RAM that you don’t use frequently. Together, this can speed up things by up to 40 percent according to company claims.

Question: Does it really help?

Answer: To an extent, yes. Performance feels better than what we usually get with Spreadtrum chipsets. But it doesn’t have a drastic impact. We still frequently run into performance hiccups on the Galaxy J2 (2016).

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2021)

Performance and Storage

Question: How much internal storage space is free on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Out of 8GB, 3.9GB is available for users.

Question: Does Galaxy J2 2016 support microSD card? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Yes MicroSD cards up to 32GB are supported. You can move apps to SD card as well. However, not all apps can be transferred to SD card, and thus internal storage will be a big limiting factor with the new J2.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2022)

Question: Is 8GB internal storage manageable?

Answer: We tried to push the memory to its limits. So far, I have been able to install most of the apps I use (Around 30, not counting the pre-installed ones), Benchmark Apps and even Asphalt 8. But, this required me to patiently export each app, one at a time, to the external storage. At the end of the exercise, I was left with very little storage space to spare.

I guess storage could be workable for basic users. Moderate and heavy are expected to run into insufficient storage issues after a period of usage.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 support Adoptable storage?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: Does Galaxy J2 2016 support USB OTG?

Answer: Yes, USB OTG is supported

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 has a fingerprint sensor?

Answer: No.

Question: How is the day-to-day or general performance? How is gaming performance of Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: The Galaxy J2 2016 is meant for most basic of users. Certainly, better performing options are available in this budget. And if you plan to go beyond light games like candy crush and subway surfer, this isn’t the phone for you. Performance isn’t ultra-smooth, but it’s still manageable for very basic users who don’t need to regularly experiment with apps.

We managed to download and play Asphalt 8 for testing purpose, and at low graphics the game was playable.

Question: What are benchmark scores of Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Here are some benchmark scores.

Benchmark standards Benchmark Scores
AnTuTu  24239
Nenamarks 2  54.6 fps
Quadrant  5738
Vellamo (browser, metal, multicore)  1480, 568, 682
Geekbench 3 (single coreore, multi-core)  369, 1173

Question: Does Galaxy J2 2016 has heating issues?

Answer: No, it runs cool.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2025)

Question: How much RAM is free on first boot in Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: At the time of first boot, Approx 663MB RAM is free.

Question: Does Galaxy J2 2016 support Google cardboard and other VR Apps?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. The Gyroscope sensor is missing.


Question: How is the Galaxy J2 2016 camera quality?

Answer: The Galaxy J2 camera won’t be giving it any edge over the competition. Images clicked in good natural lighting look awesome on the phone screen, but when you examine them on a bigger display, you will find details missing. Many of our images also look unevenly exposed. The camera understandably stumbles further in low lighting.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2026)

Video recording (maximum 720p) and selfie camera performance are average as well.

A sports mode is present in the camera app that lets you shoot moving object. This works really well in good lighting. HDR mode is not present.

Galaxy J2 2016 Camera Samples

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Question: How well does the HDR Mode work on the Galaxy J2 2016 camera?

Answer: No, HDR mode hasn’t been included.

Question: Can the Galaxy J2 2016 shoot 4K videos?

Answer: No, it can’t record 4K videos. The Maximum resolution supported for video recording is 720p HD.

Question: Can you record slow-motion videos on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: No. Slomos aren’t supported.

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Question: How is the software on the new Galaxy J2?

Answer: Samsung Galaxy J2 uses Android Marshmallow based TouchWiz UI. It ships with the June Security Patch and incorporates features like UDS or Universal Data Saving (which now also rations music streaming data), S Bike mode (triggered from quick settings or long pressing the power key), and the latest TST or turbo speed technology.

The software ships with many Microsoft, Google and Samsung’s own Apps. This is a problem because the storage is already a limitation (you can’t transfer pre-loaded apps to MicroSD card).

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2027)

Question: Does the Galaxy J2 2016 support Gestures?

Answer: You can double press the home button to quick-launch the camera app. Other on-screen gestures aren’t present by default.

Question: Does the Galaxy J2 2016 support double tap to wake feature?

Answer- No.


Question: What kind of SIM cards does Galaxy J2 2016 support?

Answer: The handset accepts two Micro SIM cards. The slot is not hybrid.

Question: What comes inside the box?

Answer: Inside the box, you will find a 1A charger, USB Cable (a short one), headphones and paperwork.

Question: How is the call quality on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Call quality is excellent.

Question: How is the Battery backup on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Battery backup is better than what you would expect from a 2600 mAh battery. We managed to reach 1-day mark rather comfortably. Battery backup is pretty decent.

Question: Does Galaxy J2 2016 support fast charging?

Answer: No, fast charging isn’t supported.

Samsung Galaxy J2 6 (2024)

Question: What are the sensors present in Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: It includes only Accelerometer, Proximity, and screen orientation sensor. Magnetometer, Gyroscope, and ambient light sensor are not present.


Question: Is the battery removable on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Yes, the battery is removable.

Question: How loud is the loudspeaker on Galaxy J2 2016?

Answer: Loudspeaker is present next to the camera sensor. Loudness is average.

Question: How is the audio quality via headphones?

Answer: Audio quality via headphones is decent.

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The new Samsung Galaxy J2 improves upon is predecessor, which didn’t set the bar very high in the first place. Consumers do value Samsung branding (and that’s exactly why you will be paying the premium), and for all such consumers, Samsung upgrades one of its bestselling smartphone, J2, to the next iteration, and adds a few refreshing changes. For now, we can recommend the Galaxy J2 for the first time and basic Android users. We will still reserve our final verdict till we have completed our full review.


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  3. After the 2nd update the problem i got sudden hanging and hotspot on mobile will stops unfortunately and i did not even understand why was it happening


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