With the introduction of the Galaxy J7 Max smartphone, Samsung has added yet another device to its already overflowing kitty of budget J-series smartphones. The phablet-sized outing by the company is riddled with a few fine features but like any other smartphone, also has a set of misses, too. (हिंदी में पढ़ें)

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We have put together a list of pros and cons of the phone, in a bid to make it easier for you to assess the phone, decide for yourself as to whether it is the one that suits your needs, and most important whether or not it is worth shelling out the quids for.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Reasons To Buy

Samsung Pay Mini

Yes, this a lite or trimmed down version of Samsung’s very own mobile transaction app, and has been conveniently named as the Samsung Pay Mini. This app works like the original one, although it is yet restricted only to transactions made through UPI and Paytm only.

The J7 is the first smartphone to feature the Samsung Pay Mini application yet, which will make it easier for you to perform actions like making quick transactions, checking the balance etc.

Social Camera

This is another interesting feature that the J7 Max comes with, that aims to cater to the selfie (and social media) loving generation of today. What you will get with the app is the option to upload your pictures directly to the different social media platforms by pinning them on the viewfinder itself.

Also, there are available several filters that allow the users to add animated objects to live images (a la Snapchat), while the AR features too work fine, and allow the camera app to locate nearby objects and places. It also helps that the camera performance beats industry standards in its respective segment.

Dedicated microSD Card Slot

Those in possession of a smartphone having a Hybrid SIM slot will now how useful a feature this is. This enables the users to make use of all three – the two SIM cards as well as the microSD one – all at once.

Also, the presence of a USB-type C slot on the phone provides the users to further stretch the storage using another microSD card or an external drive via an extender.

Well Optimized Software

One of the other ‘firsts’ of the J7 Max is that the phone is amongst the first few in the budget category from the Samsung factory to come booting the latest Android Nougat OS (there’s still the TouchWiz skin on top, though). Samsung’s skin is feature rich and mature, and seems to have all the right options in the right places.

The software has been completely redefined and is something along the lines of the premium handsets like the S8 family, and something that we personally liked.

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Reasons Not To Buy

No Gorilla Glass Protection

Seeing how smartphones turn out these days, the presence of Gorilla Glass on the top of the screen (for safety purposes) is a given. Alas, the J7 Max lacks any sort of protection whatsoever.

Yes, this can always be rectified by opting for a layer of tempered glass on the top, but it would have been better off if Samsung had opted to put in place Gorilla Glass.

Fast Charging Absent

Another feature that Samsung decided against in its J7 Max handset. Considering the other phones it is competing with (the likes of the Moto G5 Plus and Nokia 6, to name a few), we think the company should have added this convenience too.

Odd Speaker Placement

Leaving aside the company’s decision to make do with a single speaker, we are a bit hesitant over the position of the same, too.

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What you get with the phone is a small-sized speaker placed on the right-hand side of the phone, making align with the user’s gripping position automatically, so you’ll (many a time) find your fingers covering it up.


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