First Realme 5G phone will be Realme X50

While most of its competitors have announced their 5G venture, how could Realme lag behind? The company has teased its first 5G phone called as Realme X50. Realme China CMO Xu Qi Chase confirmed the phone will be launching in China pretty soon. And not very long after that, you could expect the Realme X50 in India too. At the recent Realme X2 Pro (review) launch in India, the Indian CEO Mr. Madhav Sheth had assured them to be one of the first brands to ship Qualcomm Integrated 5G SoC in 2020.

Qi Chase in his Weibo post dissected and deciphered the meaning of X50 moniker. Here’s how it goes –

  • X denotes X series, which is Realme’s top trim lineup to offer its users with a leap in experience
  • 5 signifies the first Realme 5G phone
  • 0 represents the oncoming leap year, which is when realme 5G phone will surface.

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Realme X50

But what’s interesting to note is that Realme X50 will be supporting Dual Mode 5G and Dual Punch Hole Display, something its peers are also bringing.

Dual Punch Hole Display is what you might’ve noticed in the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (review) and it will be good riddance from V and U cut notches.

As far as Dual-Mode 5G is concerned, simply put, it means the phone will leverage the prevailing 4G networks besides the freshly set 5G infrastructure for running sub-6GHz 5G networks.

Meanwhile, the phone will most probably run on Color OS 7, which is revealed to be around the corner.

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We are drawing close to the year-end and the next one will be an exciting year for 5G phones. Besides companies like Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Huawei, chipset brands are also striding fast in this direction. Qualcomm which already has an X50 modem with the Snapdragon 855 and Plus series is likely to unveil the Snapdragon 865 and 735 SoCs. The 3-day annual Snapdragon Technology Summit is set to take place on December 3.


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