Qualcomm has recently announced a new range of mmWave antenna modules that will change the future of connectivity in smartphones. Qualcomm claims the new line of mmWave antenna modules are going to be “world’s first fully-integrated 5G NR millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-6GHz RF modules”. The modules have been labeled as QTM052 mmWave antenna, having QPM56xx RF module for reference. The QTM052 module is a component of the Qualcomm X50 5G modem that would allow the device to connect and operate on the mmWave network.

According to reports by verge, the 5G network will surely deliver faster network speed than its predecessors, but its true potential of producing impressive network speed can be achieved when the technology is paired with mmWave. Every QTM052 module holds four antennas (Supporting a combined ~4.5 GHz between 16.5 and 40GHz) fed with algorithms that help it align itself in the direction of the nearest 5G tower. The QTM052 module supports features like beam steering, beam forming, and beam tracking which results in better signal reception. With Qualcomm’s announcement of 5G mmWave antenna module, we might experience impressive internet speed earlier than anticipated.

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Due to mmWave’s short range, the system is prone to easy obstruction, even by something as inescapable as hands. This has hindered the widespread acceptance of this technology. Due to its short range and with limitations such as regulatory requirements and thermal problems, the technology has ever since been regarded as unsuitable for mobile technology domain. Qualcomm, however, says it has fixed the loopholes related to mmWave in its upcoming technology.

The QTM052 is Qualcomm’s solution to the upcoming 5G technology. 5G network is expected to hit the markets by the year 2020. Even though the technology sector has been rigorously working on this segment for years, no breakthrough inventions have been recorded on this front so far. Qualcomm’s contribution in this field has given the 5G technology a significant leap.

Another module family (QPM56xx) will also bring 5G speeds to sub-6GHz frequencies. This other RF module family functions with X50 modem, realising a couple of more useful sub-6GHz frequencies like the NR frequency bands n77, n78, and n79 specifically. This family of modules has a more promising future under the 5G technology than the QPM56xx RF series.

The module is very convenient to accommodate inside the mobile devices due to its small form factor and can effortlessly emit signals from the edges of the handset. This antenna module can be placed in the X50 modem which is designed to accommodate four antenna arrays – one on each edge of the smartphone.

Qualcomm added that the new antenna modules will be released for sale during the beginning of 2019. Although, a lot needs to be done before assimilating the 5G mmWave technology into wider networks.

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