PUBG Mobile Team Death Match

Tencent, the maker of the Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG mobile) battle royal game, has been constantly working to keep things fresh and exciting for its vast user base. Continuing with the same strategy, it has released a new beta version 0.13.0 update which brings a new Team Death Match mode. Although this is a new mode for PUBG Mobile fans, we saw a similar gaming mode in the call of duty mobile which is also developed by Tencent.

How good is PUGB Mobile’s new Team Death Match mode? Well, we did try it and here’s everything you need to know:

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How PUBG Mobile’s Team Death Match Mode is different from Battle Royal?

The recently introduced Team Death Match (TDM) mode is held between two teams of four players each and to win, your team has to earn a kill score of 40 points. The opponent team would be auto-picked.

Another cool aspect of the mode is its unlimited lives. Yes, if you get killed during the game, you could respawn at your team’s spawn point. Moreover, you are shielded by a few seconds of immunity against the attack of spawn campers at the point.

If you’re short on health, you could wait for the health bar to refill. Voila! once the health is restored, you are good to go for the fight.

Speaking of the fight, you start the match with a single weapon. Moving on, you get to pick another one in your team’s spawn point. However, we get that’s not what the game is going for. You get to modify your gear with attachments such as red dot scope, 4x scopes and more. If you crave for more, grab an M249 light machine gun in the middle of the map to tip the scales.

Once the match ends, the best player is crowned as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). You could glance over your stats.

Unfortunately, ATM, you get to play only one map titled- ‘TDM: Warehouse’. Like the name, its an abandoned warehouse with a storage house in the middle surrounded by wooden logs, containers, crates, and walls. You run, hide and sneak to attack the opponents in fast-paced gameplay.

You get one point for every kill shot and a “mention” for every killstreaks, headshots and more. That said, you won’t be rewarded with a missile strike or a UAV Drone. So, you can’t power up or start the next game as a leveled-up player.

PUBG Mobile Team Death Match Mode First Impressions: Is it better than Call of Duty Mobile’s Team Death Match?

Well, simply put: we had fun! Its adrenaline pumping for sure. You get a vibe like the unreal tournament and Doom games. Tencent recently brought Call of Duty into the mobile realm, packaged like PUBG mobile. And the new TDM mode is present in the COD mobile as well. While here, you start off fresh each time, COD mobile, on the contrary, lets you play with the earned arms and abilities at the get-go.PUBG Team Death Match

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We wish the system voiceover during the gameplay were mellowed down and the map a little more stretched and detailed. The gamers would also appreciate a custom match option apart from the auto team matching.

Still, all things considered, the quick adrenaline is the redeeming quality of the TDM mode. You could also try the new mode once you get the new 0.13.0 stable update. Or you could enjoy the game in beta mode. The new rollout brings a Godzilla: King of the Monsters event as well.


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