PUBG brought limelight to the battle royale genre on the video game realm. Now PUBG Corp. is looking to propel the battle royale esports further in the Indian gaming arena with the announcement of PUBG Mobile India Series 2019. This PUBG professional competition would carry a prize pool of 1 Crore. Well, if you are a PUBG fan and planning to participate, then the following details will help you.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019: Details

First things first! This would be anything unlike the previous competition named PUBG Mobile Campus Championship College students. That competition, yeah as the name indicates, it was among college students. But this one is “officially open-to-all tournament hosted in India”. This means each one of you gamers out there can take part in it.

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All you need to do is register for the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 between 10 to 21 January. This would be followed by in-game qualifiers from January 21 to January 28. Then comes the online playoffs from February 9 to February 24. The Grand Finale would be on March 10. You can register on the official India website. Notably, there is no limit to the number of teams participating.

How to participate

PUBG update

  • First of all, you will create a squad of four players including you.
  • Then your squad takes part in the In-Game Qualifiers playing 15 matches in Erangel Classic mode. Out of 15 matches, best 10 will be considered.
  • Then comes the Online Playoffs in which the Top 2000 teams would compete in knockout matches.
    • Round 1: These 2000 squads are further seeded into 100 groups (i.e. 20 squads in each group). These 20 squads will compete in a Best of 1 knockout match. The top 4 squads from the knockout match will move to Round 2. So, now we have 400 squads in total (i.e. 4 squads each from 100 groups).
    • Round 2: These 400 squads are again seeded into 20 groups(with each group consisting of 20 squads). These 20 squads will compete in a Best Of 1 knockout match and the top 4 squads will move to Round 3. So, now we have 80 squads in total (i.e. 4 squads each from 20 groups).
    • Round 3: These 80 squads will be again seeded into 4 groups(each consisting of 20 squads). These remaining 80 squads will compete in Best Of 3 points-based knockout matches. In the end, the top 5 squads from each group will move on to the much- awaited grand finale.

Prize Pool

Since we are talking about the game that set the world on fire, the winning prize ought to be hot, right? Amen! The winning team would take home Rs. 30 lacs, while it is 10 lacs for the second place and third place would be awarded Rs. 5 lacs. Tout ensemble, the first ten teams would earn cash prizes.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 prize pool details (Source: PUBG)

So are, you ready?

Tencent India General Manager Aneesh Aravind in a prepared statement said,

“The growth of PUBG Mobile from a loved gaming app to India’s game of choice is immense validation of our efforts to provide a quality gaming experience to our users bringing both the competitive and entertainment spirit for gamers. We are committed to building a sustainable e-sports ecosystem for gamers in India. The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship last October was a great start, and with the support of Oppo, we look forward to making the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 the next big event for e-sports in India.”

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Neither Tencent nor PUBG Corp has confirmed whether it would be offline or online. If it’s offline, they haven’t declared the location yet. However, the Grand Finals are likely to be held offline just like the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship.

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