Player Unkown’s BattleGrounds Mobile aka PUBG mobile has been the hottest online multiplayer battle royale game for the most part of 2018. In fact, an average Indian reportedly spends more than 8 hours per week playing PUBG. For those who don’t know, PUBG originally started as a PC only game in 2017 before finally debuting on Play store for Android and Appstore for iPhones. It was recently introduced for Xbox and Sony Play station as well.

What is PUGB Mobile and How the Battle Works?

Simply put, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUGB) battle royale is a multiplayer game where 100 players are air-dropped on an island and the last one standing wins. Throughout the battle, a player has to collect essentials like armor, guns, medic kit as the play zone continues to shrink.

In this game, survival matters more than the number of kills and the winner is the one who survives till the end of the game and is greeted with ‘Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner’. It is worth mentioning here that more you play, the better your ranking gets, and tougher the game becomes.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to PUBG tips and tricks that will help you survive and win.

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Best PUBG Tips and Trick That You Must Know in 2020

Tips For Better Gameplay

1. Set-up PUBG Mobile game profile correctly

For those who are just about to start their PUBG journey, the following information could prove handy for setting up there PUGB profile:

  • A new user has to login to create a new profile. There are several ways to do that and you may use Google’s Play game, Facebook, Twitter, or Guest account. If you choose to connect with Facebook, or Twitter or Google Play you can sync your progress.
  • If you log-in using Social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, it will be easier to team up with your friends for Duo or Squad game.

Adjust Your Game Setting

Before you get armed for the royal battle, tweaking certain game settings will enhance your overall PUBG mobile game experience. Let’s go through them one by one:

2. Choose between FPP vs TPP

It is somewhat a personal choice but it is important. Therefore, choose between Third Person View or First Person View as per your preference. To Change that go to Select Mode option and check top bar to choose between Third Person View (TPP) or First Person View (FPP) options.

3. Adjust Screen for Notch in PUBG

Display Notches became a mainstream feature in 2018 and today they come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, recently Tencent has optimized PUGB for notch screens. For this, all you have to do is go to the settings menu>Graphics> Non-Standard Screen> Select Notched. Now, restart the PUBG game for the settings to take effect.

4. Choose between Solo, Duo or Squad

As I mentioned before, in PUBG you can either play solo or team up with a friend for Duo match. In squad mode, up to four people can team up together. To choose your preferred mode go to  Select Mode> Team > select Solo, Duo or  Squad mode and hit Ok.

5. Select Right Graphics Quality

It is also important to know the limits of your phone. The PUBG mobile is graphics intensive game so if you are using an affordable phone and graphics are set to HD or HDR and Frame Rates to High or Ultra you will notice a lot of lag or frame drops. Therefore, choose graphics setting accordingly. To do so go tap on Settings icon > Graphics. Also, you are advised to keep auto adjust graphics turned on, which automatically lowers the graphics setting in case of a performance drop.

6. Check Server Ping or Change Server

The PUBG mobile is a game which is dependent on the internet and a lot depends on PUGB servers. So before you start gaming don’t forget to check sever ping.

What is Server Ping in PUBG?

Well, its the response time from the server. It is basically time taken for bullets to fire from your phone after you push the trigger on your end.

In the PUBG mobile game, Tencent is currently offering five servers to chose from. Each server has different ping times. Choose a server with the lowest ping says about 30ms or below. It is also worth mentioning here that if you are a statistics person you should stick to one server only. To choose, hit Select Mode right below the start button, look at the top left corner and choose your server.

7. Make sure enabled aim assist is enabled

Unless you are a pro, you should keep Aim Assist turned on as it proves beneficial while aiming for a kill. To do so, go to Settings>Basic> Aim assist>Enable.

8. Enable Open Doors

It’s a tricky setting. Keeping it tuned on could help you dodge enemy group assault in close encounters. However, there’s also a possibility that you accidentally open a door at the wrong time. Still, I personally prefer to keep it turned on. Go To Settings> Basic> Auto open doors > Enable.

9. Enable Left Side Trigger Button

In PUBG setting there is an option to add a trigger button on the left-hand side. It is really handy when you are scooping or while knocking out an opponent on the go. To enable the feature, go to Settings>Basic> Display Left side fire button> Always on. 

10. Customize Button Placement

Looking to change the controls in PUBG? Well, yes you can do that. The game comes with multiple button layouts to choose still it is recommended that you adjust their placement as per your fingers. You can also resize buttons as per your needs.

To change your button layout go to Settings>Controls> Customize, now make your adjustments and hit the save button on the top, then tap exit.

11. Choose your Play Mode: Classic or Arcade

There are two play modes in PUBG – mobile Classic and Arcade. In classic mode, there are 100 players who compete with each other. The Arcade mode, on the other hand, offers War, Quick Match, Sniper Training and Mini-Zone options to select and play.

What is PUBG War?

In Arcade mode of the PUBG Mobile game, there’s War mode option. Under the War mode, it’s a 15-min respawning battle royal game where a team or individual has to score 100 points to win. They gain 3 points for each kill, 1 point for a knockout, 1 point for a revive. You play, die and respawn till one team gets “winner-winner chicken dinner”. In PUBG War mode, every player gets the same gun and the same kit.

What is Quick Match in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?

This is an 8-minute match in a small area of the map, usually with a weapon theme, like shotguns or SMGs. The last man standing wins.

What is Sniper Training in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?

A single head-shot kill in PUBG battle is exciting, right? Well, you can test your skills in Sniper training mode where you go on is a 15-minute play only with sniper weapons.

What is Mini-Zone in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?

It’s a perfect mode for those who like an intense 4×4 battle. In this mode, the drop area is restricted on the map where 100 raring battle enthusiasts are air dropped. Rest of the playback is similar to Classic mode. It has been the most popular Arcade gaming mode and that’s precisely why the Mini-Zone is now restricted to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.

Tips Related to Maps

12. Download Maps or Change the Battlefield

By default, PUBG mobile comes with Erangel map. However, recently Tencent has added three new maps – Miramar, Snahok, and Vikendi to keep users engaged.

You can download new maps by hitting Select Mode> Classic> Tap to download on selected map.

13. Decide Your Landing Spot Carefully

Touching the ground on the right spot is important as all it takes is a bullet to knock you down. Picking the right spot could be tricky as the high loot places are also the high-risk zones. There are several hot zones on each PUBG map.

Best Loot Spots in PUBG Erangel Map

  • Military Base
  • Georgopol
  • Novorepnoye
  • Mylta
  • Pochinki
  • Mansion
  • Mylta Power
  • School
  • Severny

Best Loot Spots in PUBG Miramar Map

  • Hacienda del Patron
  • Los leones
  • Pecado
  • Prison
  • Campo Militar

Best Loot Spots in PUBG Sanhok Map

  • Paradise Resort
  • Bootcamp
  • Pai Naan
  • Ruins

Best Loot Spots in PUBG Vikendi Map

  • Villa
  • Castle
  • Tovar
  • Goroku

Bonus: Vikendi Maps Quick Tips

14. Always keep an eye on Mini-Map

Always watch minimap on your screen as it is extremely useful. By keeping an eye on the Mini Map you can learn about enemy footsteps, car movements, and the direction gunshot are exchanged. the Mini Map also provide updates related to safe zone area and timing.

Tips Related to Your Weapons and Wearable Items

15. Best PUGB mobile Guns

There are several types of guns and animations that can be found on the PUBG game. These are categorized into Assault Rifles, Snipers, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMRs), Short Machine Guns (SMGs), Light Machine Guns (LMGs), Pistols and Short Guns. All these weapons have different fire rate, bullet travel speed, range to hit the target and effective damage caused rates. Other than these things one also has to consider the recoil effect of a gun which could lead to miss fire your short and giving away your position to the enemy.

List of all PUBG Assault Automatic Rifles with Damage, Fire Rate, and Range Details

Assault Rifle Bullet Type Damage Magazine Size Range Bullet
Fire Rate

Groza *

48 30 100-400 715 0.080s


48 30 100-400 715 0.100s


41 30 100-600 870 0.096s


41 30 100-600 900 0.075s


41 30 100-600 880 0.086s

* can only be looted from airdrop

List of all PUBG Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) with Damage, Fire Rate, and Range Details

DMR Name Bullet Type Damage Magazine Size Range Bullet
Speed (m/s)
Fire Rate

Mini 14

5.56mm 46 20 100-200 990 0.13333s


5.56mm 48 10 100-400 945 0.090s



53 10 100-300 800 0.090s



58 10 100-500 840 0.100s




41 10 100-200 880 0.086s

List of all PUBG Sniper Guns with Damage, Fire Rate, and Range Details

Sniper Rifle Bullet Type Damage Magazine
Range Bullet
Fire Rate
132 5 100-1000 910 1.850s
60 10 100-800 853 0.090s


82 5 100-800 790 1.800s


72 5 100-600 760 1.900s

* can only be looted from airdrop

List of all PUBG Machine Guns with Damage, Fire Rate, and Range Details

SMG & LMG Guns Bullet Type Damage Magazine
Range Bullet
Fire Rate


44 100 100-500 915 0.075s

Micro UZI

23 25 100-200 350 0.048s


31 13 50-50 300 0.055s


49 47 ? ? ?

Tommy Gun

38 100 100-200 280 0.086s


35 30 100-300 400 0.092s

16. Pick a Gun As Soon As You Spot it

As soon as touch the ground, look for a gun and pick it up, and only then should you look for a better option. Any gun is better than bear punches.

Once you find a gun pick up a helmet, kevlar medic kit, and energy booster as soon as possible don’t rush to kill your enemy, first pack yourself with sufficient loot and don’t forget to carry grenades and smoke – they are very handy for the end circles.

It is also worth mentioning here is that it is also necessary to organize your bag by dropping attachments of previous guns and upgrading bag, and vest and helmet as and when you find a better one in the game.

17. Replace Damaged Vest and Helmet

If you have taken some hits and have managed to survive, you probably have your vest or helmet to thank for it. During the game, you can see the vest and helmet damage. Keeping a damaged vest or helmet lowers your defense and could prove fatal. Therefore, you should keep an eye for them and swap your damaged vest or helmet as soon as possible.

18. Choose Right Gun for Right Situation

All through the PUBG game, you notice different types of weapons lying around in different places. However, you are allowed to keep two guns and one pistol at a time. Therefore, a player should be well acquainted with pros and cons of each weapon and their attachments in PUGB game and choose accordingly.

To improve your chances, we recommend using a combination of a sniper rifle with a bigger scope and automatic rifle with a normal scope.

19. Kill Like A Pro

If you are engaged in a fire exchange try and take cover from Trees, Stones, Houses etc. Always use peek buttons to take aim from behind the cover this will prevent you from exposing your body to the enemy. Using peak features also helps to reduce recoil of the gun which further improves chances of knocking down your enemy.

20. Use grenades to your advantage

There are several types of grenades in PUBG mobile that includes Frag Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Smoke Grenade and Stun Grenade. These prove really useful to distract or cover or kill enemies during the intense battle royal gameplay. Therefore, it is advised to keep a couple of them for crunch moments.

21. Switch between Auto and Single Shots

Changing the fire rate of your gun at times can make a world of difference. Most new players don’t pay much heed to fire rate and continue blazing in auto mode. With certain guns, auto mode works the best while some weapons are better used in single mode especially when aiming to kill at medium to long distances.

In single mode, recoil effect is much lesser, which means you have a better chance to hit the target then in auto mode. So, while engaging in close encounters keep you gun in auto mode while scooping for a long kill try and keep your gun in single shot firing rate.

22. Armor upgrade expands inventory

Yes, you read that correctly. Changing your armor vest to a higher level will, apart from offering better protection, also bump up your inventory capacity by 50 points.

23. Shoot only if you mean to kill

Don’t go berserk and spray bullets all over. Hitting a moving enemy at a long distance is a tough task. Therefore, only hit the trigger when your target is stable otherwise you will end up giving away your position instead of earning a kill. 

Use smoke for reviving teammates it will give you some cover. If you are sure that enemy is hiding in a particular building use frag grenade on that building and keep the burst timing of the grenade very short.

Tips Related to Vehicles

24. Use a vehicle to get in the zone

Not in the Zone? Well, instead of panting your way to the zone find a vehicle and make your life easier. You can easily spot a car or bike on the roadside but before you approach towards the vehicle, scan the nearby area to knock out an enemy who might be camping in the vicinity.

Try and pick a covered body vehicle like a Jeep as it can act as a shield during an ambush. You can also knock out an opponent by running them over with your car.

25. Explode enemies car

The cars can be used as covers but make sure there is a little gap as cars can burst when exposed to extended guns shots. At first, smoke will start coming out of the car engine, followed by a fire, and then your vehicle will explode. You can also eliminate enemies by hitting their cars until they explode. Use DMR and machine guns to cause more damage.

Miscellaneous Tips

26. Engage with Teammates

PUGB mobile allows you to strategize and work in tandem with your teammate during duos and squad modes. The game comes with native voice chat which lets you communicate with your teammate and hunt as a team. The game will use your phone’s speaker and microphone. For best performance, we recommend connecting your phone with an earphone.

27. Scavenge loot with closed doors

As you search for weapons and armory, it is important that you wipe your footprints. The best way to do this is to close the doors behind as you get in or leave a building. Since each building has closed doors by default, an open gate suggest that either someone is inside the building or best loot items have been picked.

28. Pan your view using Eye button

Do you use ‘Eye’ button during the PUBG mobile game? If not then you should. The size of the button doesn’t really reflect its importance in the game. It is useful to pan around to check if someone is aiming at you from behind or from any side. The eye tool lets to pan 360 degrees while you are panting on the way to circle. It can be used for observing the battlefield from giving away your cover.

29. Don’t jump out of the blue

Jumping from a tall building or a moving car could prove fatal. The taller the building, higher is the damage. Similarly, if you jump out the speeding car, your fall will be deadlier as compare to when you jump from a car that’s about to halt.

30. Keep your eye out for the flare gun

It’s a small red color pistol which Tencent introduced in version 8 of the PUBG mobile. You can’t really knock out other players with it, but you should pick it up as soon as you see it. You may ask why. Well, it is your gateway to hail a personal airdrop.

If you’re inside the play zone, you get rare weapons like AWM or Groza, Gilly suit and more. If in case you use a flare gun outside the play zone your personal drop will bring an armored car for it. The car can withstand a lot of fire, however, it can be destroyed. A word of caution – the smoke from a flare gun is visible to your enemies and can give away your position.

31. Notify your teammates about supplies

If you are playing PUBG mobile in Duos or Squad mode, healthy communication is necessary. You can let your teammates know about the 8X scope that you found but can’t really use as you have no supported guns. All you have to do it just point towards the item and then hit the text chat menu and then tap on the option “I have an 8X scope”. Similarly, you can alert your fellow teammates against a possible threat on the path by notifying using ‘enemies ahead’ message.

32. Help your team while spectating

Did you know? Even after you are knocked out you can use ‘enemy ahead’ message from text chat box to warn your friends still playing.

33. Kill annoying random teammate

Most of us get in a situation where you have to take in a random person in your squad. While it gives you an opportunity to make new friends at times that random person misbehave and uses foul language.

Well in that situation, you can get rid of him/ her by throwing a grenade at him. When you do so, make sure you are not in the same room. Mind you use this PUBG trick only when it is necessary, as killing your own teammate also incurs some points penalty. 

34. Turn off team voice chat

All that chatter during the PUBG game is fun but it may also distract you. Well, you have the option to mute particular players or the entire voice chat. If you are stuck with a group of random players who are conversing in a language you don’t understand in that case you can disable voice chat completely by tapping on speaker symbol to silence your teammates.

35. Isolate the Enemy before Reviving your friend in need

The duos and squad mode let you revive someone or get revived if you are knocked down by an enemy. However, before you rush to help your friend in need try and take down the enemy first. Otherwise, he could ambush you when you are trying to revive your team.

Best PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2020

The Players Unkown battleground (PUBG) continues to be the most popular cross-platform battle royal game. If you have gone through the aforementioned 35 PUBG tips and tricks, it will certainly help you improve your performance as PUBG Mobile player in 2019. Making adjustments in settings, hitting the right PUBG landing spots, arming yourself with the right weapons and gear can prove to be a big help in earning your chicken dinner. Apart from these tricks, if you have any more interesting tips that we missed, let us know by dropping a line in the comments below.


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