Earlier we reported about Reliance launching its new 4G smartphone JioPhone Next on November 4 in India. Now, the company has shared a ‘Making of JioPhone Next’ film ahead of the launch event.

The company claims that JioPhone Next is a smartphone “Made in India, Made for India and Made by Indians. Reliance wants every Indian to have access to a 4G network and the latest technology and they hope to fulfill this dream of their with this new smartphone.

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The shared video reveals the design of the JioPhone Next that highlights a 13MP back camera. But what caught our eye was the Operating System that will run JioPhone Next. The video shows that JioPhone Next will run on Pragati OS, which is powered by Android OS. It has been made by Jio and Google in partnership to offer a better experience at an affordable rate for Indian Consumers.

Pragati OS best features highlights: Here’s everything you need to know about JioPhone Next software:

Voice Assistant-Voice assistant will help users open apps, manage settings and get content from the internet, among other things.

The Listen Feature-If you don’t want to strain your eyes, even more, looking at the screen, the Listen Feature is your best option. It allows users for any content on screen to be read aloud in a language of their choosing.

Translate– This feature helps users to have any screen translated to a language of the user’s choice. This means that you can read anything written in a foreign language, in a language that they can read.

Smart Camera– Portrait mode will allow users to capture photos with blurred backgrounds, just like a professional camera. Night Mode helps users take photos in low light. The camera of JioPhone Next also comes preloaded with custom Indian AI filters to enhance pictures by associating them with emotions and moods.

Automatic Software Updates– Users using JioPhone Next will never have to worry about keeping the apps on their phones updated. This is because this smartphone will have automatic software updates and will also have regular security updates for seamless usage.

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Preloaded Jio and Google Apps– Although JioPhone Next will support all android apps, but it comes preloaded with some of the Jio and Google applications like the MyJio app and JioSaavn app. Other apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Long Battery Life– The all-new Pragati OS is expected to give readers optimum performance even while maintaining long battery life.


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