OnePlus 7T image leaked

No doubt, the OnePlus 7, as well as the OnePlus 5G, are two of the most anticipated smartphones of the upcoming year. And to the fans’ delight, the probable design of these devices has been leaked online.

The image above is from a meeting attended by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. We get a glimpse of the revamped design of the phone on a presentation screen, as well as one laying on the desk and held by Mr. Lau who is sitting on the right.

This first look of the prototype has been leaked by a 15-year-old tech leaker Ishan Agarwal. From the footage, we see the device in two colors, i.e., Red and Silver/White. It has a circular ring for the camera sensors. Since its just a prototype, the final design could be different.

Anyhow, we are getting a horde of rumors about the specs and other details of the OnePlus 5G as well as the Oneplus 7 which would be the successor to OnePlus 6T. The company has confirmed that the 5G phone would be the first to release and that too in U.K. in partnership with EE, and will be $200 to $300 costlier than its predecessor.

Mr. Lau has also confirmed that this 5G device will be released by the end of May 2019. And as 5G takes over the world, we hope OnePlus is able to offer a premium experience at a low price yet again. For more details on 5G, you may read the article linked below.

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