Google officially talked about Android 10 at its annual developer conference and one of the main talking points was giving users more control over their data and privacy. In order to transition from a company that searches for answers to a company that solves problems, Google services have had to grow extremely invasive, and to “uphold consumer trust”, it needs to convince users that it’s being responsible with their data and it also needs to gradually slacken control.

With Android Q, Google is giving users more options to control location sharing. Here is how you can restrict and monitor location sharing with third-party apps.

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How to manage location sharing on Android Q

Step 1: Go to App info page of any app. This can be done by searching Apps under primary Settings, or by long pressing the app icon in the drawer or on the home screen. 

Step 3: Tap on Permissions and select Location.

Step 4: Now you can allow apps to access your location all the time (even in the background), or only while you are using them (or when they are in the foreground). Or you can completely deny location access.

In the long run, if you need to monitor what apps you granted location sharing access too. Go to Settings and scroll down to Location option in the main menu.

Even if you have allowed an app to access your location in the background, Google will still push reminders whenever an app is accessing location in the background.

Hit on ‘App Permissions’ tab and check the Location permission status for different apps. To modify or revoke access, just tap on the required app in the list.

Android 10 Q is currently available for only a handful of phones, so most of you don’t have to bother with the tutorial just yet.


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