LG Teases
LG Teases "Goodbye Touch" at MWC 2019 (Source: LG Youtube)

LG’s upcoming phone could consider your hands as its input interface. This means you could control the device with touchless gestures. The South-Korean giant has sent out a “save the date” invitation for an unveiling event at MWC 2019 (Mobile World Congress) later this month.

The invitation delivered via Youtube exhibits the aforementioned message along with a “Goodbye Touch” message, and LG’s MWC Barcelona premiere date. LG would be lifting the veil on February 24th, 2019.

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A Brief History of the Touchless Interactions

Samsung had taken baby steps on its Galaxy S4, which failed to garner much popularity back then. Apart from Samsung, another Silicon Valley Giant has entered the scene with a major impact. Yes, we are talking about Google. Project Soli is the in-house creation of Google’s research company ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects unit).

Google Project Soli (Source: ATAP.Google)
Google Project Soli (Source: ATAP.Google) 

Use your hand and finger gestures for a contact-less interaction using Google’s Project Soli. This would be futuristic tech using your hand motion, not any tools.

A technology designed back in 2015 primarily for smart-watches and other smaller devices is likely to translate to mobile phones. With each iteration, the tech reacts better to slight movements and the power consumption also gets minimized.

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The initial implementation for such technology in smartphones was postulated for people with disabilities, contributing to their productivity and quality of life. But now it seems the umbrella could cover people from all walks of life. At least we expect it to take shape with LG’s efforts. Anyway, this could be one more reason to mark our calendars for MWC 2019. Keep visiting for timely updates on tech cosmos.


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