LG G6 is building up to be quite an interesting smartphone. The latest G6 teaser promises a ‘Reliable’ experience which, apart from other things, implies a tougher display.

There are a lot of things you could say about LG phones but you can’t accuse the South Korean giant of holding back on innovation. The company has never been shy of siding with bold and sometimes radical measures for its rather unique flagships, even when many of these innovations failed to find their footing.



LG’s rear key placed power button where index finger naturally lies (the same position which is now reserved for fingerprint sensor) well ahead of its time. Then there was the laser AF in G3, one of the first phones with QHD displays) that soon became an industry norm. And then the secondary ticker display on LG V10 was a really lucrative way for multitasking that was also adopted by the latest HTC flagships.

At the same time, features like the curved display and self-healing back panels never made sense. And more importantly, its last flagship – the LG G5 – was a gross misfire. The modular concept used wasn’t implemented well, wasn’t well received and thus won’t be passed on to the G6. Which makes LG G6 success all the way more important.

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Naturally, LG wouldn’t be leaving any stone unturned for the upcoming phone. From what we know so far, the upcoming LG G6 will have a near bezel-less QHD display, improved 32-bit Quad DAC handing audio, dual rear cameras, and will be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the latest Snapdragon 835 due to an apparent supply shortage.


That’s quite a lot to be excited about. Right? Let’s wait and watch for the official LG G6 launch that’s scheduled for February 26.

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