Vehicle Security system

Letstrack is a UK based IoT startup that aims to resolve the diverse challenges faced by car owners regarding vehicle management. Their vehicle security system has an integrated voice system. You could use it to simply talk with the app in a similar way you talk when you are with a companion during a journey or get solutions to any query.

Vikram Kumar founder and CEO of Letstrak said, “With the release of world’s first voice based vehicle security app we are now a comprehensive platform for vehicle management and road safety service. We understand the difficulties faced by drivers; thus, aim to make it secure through an app which functions completely on voice commands.”

Vehicle Security system

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Let’s dive into the press release to uncover more details. The official statement goes as follows:

 65 percent of the commands are voice-based when you use this app. It implies no risk of losing control over your vehicle while driving. Even create your personalized shortcut commands in the app as per your convenience to regulate your car.

•    You can know your driving history routinely by asking questions on the app. For instance, how many stops I took last day, how much distance I traveled last week, what was my average speed yesterday, and much more.

•    Did you ever envision that you can accelerate your car over a voice command? Well with Letstrack voice AI feature it’s all possible. Simply say change speed limit of Audi to 80, and it’s all switched.

•    A driver can start or stop the automobile and cut the engine or restore the car’s power via voice commands.

•    You can also save a frequently traveled location on the integrated voice app. In this way, you can inquire through the app about your ideal time and distance to reach the desired location. It recommends the right direction and timing to evade delays.

•    Additionally, amid a crisis like a car breakdown or any medicinal emergency, instant and timely action can be taken with the help of the voice-enabled vehicle security system.

•    The app increases resource optimization for your vehicle enabling a driver to plan route more adequately. For instance, you can know the fuel, ignition, engine idle time status.

•    It’s further beneficial if your car is chauffeured around. You can keep track of your automobile from anywhere by asking questions on the app to know its exact location.

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This could empower the users to control and secure their vehicle with their voice commands. In the world of technology, enthusiasts look forward to such smarter and utilitarian solutions for our daily lives.


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