UK based IoT startup Letstrack – specialized in providing safety and security solutions has launched their new premium smart tracking device for automobiles in India. Using this smart tracking device, you can track your vehicle real time, check history logs for the last 24 hours, get speed alerts, get accident alerts, and driver behavior score.

Letstrack Premium tracking device costs Rs. 8,999 in India.

The original press release follows: 

New Delhi, October 03, 2018: Asia’s largest GPS Security Company – Letstrack, has recently launched its PREMIUM SERIES of real- time tracking device for fleet management companies. In order to minimize the cases of robbery and theft in low connectivity areas, Letstrack’s Premium Series device works even in unstable network areas to keep the owner updated about the location of his vehicle and driver.

Commenting on the launch, Vikram Kumar, CEO & Founder, Letstrack, said, “We are one of the most trusted players in Real Time tracking industry with an impressive portfolio in the B2B segment including International brands to local businesses. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to come up with devices loaded with advanced features to keep customers’ faith in the company. Letstrack Premium can significantly prove to be useful for fleet management business to have a virtual guardian with their vehicle and get an accurate location anywhere in the world.”


  • Engine Cut – Engine-Cut is a premium feature.
  • Real-Time Tracking – Helps you to track in the present time with exact location.
  • Parking Alerts – Helps you to track vehicle when it is parked in certain zones.
  • 24 Hour History – You can view a 24hour history on a single screen
  • Accident Alert – Sensor detects changes in the pace of the car with respect to the time and sends an alert message.
  • Driver Behaviour – This feature enables our app and web platforms to calculate a driver behavior score.
  • Speed Alerts – Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it is exceeded.

Incidents of robbery in transportation business usually happen in odd hours when robbers can easily take the vehicle to secluded far off places where network connectivity is low. Therefore, Letstrack Premium Series solves this critical issue of Remote Connectivity and works well even in unstable network areas. Irrespective of an unstable network, the device gives accurate tracking information to the fleet owner.

Letstrack Premium series also comes with its prime Engine cut feature and Full Vehicle monitoring. In case of a mishap or if the driver is moving in any suspicious location, this feature allows the owner to tap Engine cut button and dismantle the functioning of the vehicle within a second. This feature has also resulted in recovering various robbed vehicles by their owners without any delay.

In addition, Letstrack Premium series has added an SOS button, also known as Rescue feature which is meant to be used only in an emergency for driver or passenger safety. By pressing the SOS button, an instant alert is sent to the vehicle owner via notification on the app or email.

The device is extremely weightless which is easy to keep in a bag, pocket or fastened with the belt. It comes with one year warranty and professional installation support to offer reliability to customers.

Letstrack aims to utilize technology in innovative ways to ensure driver and passenger safety that has led the company won the award of “Innovative Start-up of the Year” by Entrepreneur India.


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