It’s been two months since the inception of smartprix and you all loved us. Your support has kept us going and let us declare to all the junglees out there that we have just begun, “smartprix” just got and will keep getting faster, smarter and cooler. 

We are at the forefront of what’s the best in the technology of commodity comparison. Our aim is to awaken the geek in you. We guarantee that once you are on smartprix you will know each phone inside out and make a smart buy. 

To this end, we have launched cool new features. Through complex equations and algorithms, each phone is awarded points on the basis of its specs and a rank based on these points. And in no time you are the foremost authority on which phone is the best!

We hope our new ranking system coupled with an intuitive user interface will keep you hooked onto smartprix. We will empower you make smart shopping decisions in this unending grand prix of shopping.

Here is an example comparison:
Motorola Defy Plus vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V MT11i vs Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Lemme help you understanding our new comparison interface…

New Comparison Interface of

Here are the few things you should notice:

  1. Points Scored
    Points are calculated on the basis of specifications and features of a mobile. More important features are given more points than less important ones. They should give you an idea about the phone’s hardware capabilities. 
  2. Relative Ranking
    This is obtained by comparing points scored by the compared phones. If you are in a hurry, you can just look at the rank to get an idea about which phone is better. 
  3. Features Unique to a phone
    This sections tells you all the important features that are unique to a phone (that are not present in any of the other compared phones). 
  4. Features Present in more than one phone
    This section contains features that are present in more than one phone, but not all of them (You wouldn’t wanna know them anyway if they are present in all compared phones). 

So, here you have it, our new comparison tool. Tell us any suggestion or feedback that you have in the comments.


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