Google sees the other side of the coin as it warns the US administration of the security risks that could emerge in the aftermath of the Huawei ban. While Trump and the American companies gang up on Huawei, Google’s motion paints a different angle to the whole story, albeit one we all knew.

The American President had lately hinted at a possible lifting of the ban as a part of trade negotiations with China. In our article covering the Trump move, we had stated that such swinging decisions, seemingly myopic, will have a ripple effect.

If the political environment is unfavorable to foreign companies, they might think twice before making any business ties moving forward. Worst, it shakes the central tenet of globalization- Liberal trade.

Huawei ArkOS
Source: WinFuture

Huawei has apparently started working on its own OS and app store. Others might join the suite, fearing a similar fate. Industrial experts think that this could lead to strong substitutes to US products and services, eating into their market share.

In the short run, Google and the likes lose lucrative business they had with Huawei. Moreover, it claims the Huawei’s Android alternative isn’t likely to be as secure and will be even more liable to espionage backdoors. On a different note, the search giant has published a report on the significance of its Play Service in the security of phones.

Google hasn’t yet released a public statement on the matter. The silicon valley giant had previously commented that their utmost priority is the security of the millions of Google accounts on Huawei devices in the US and around the world.


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