Huawei’s Alternative OS dubbed HongMeng OS or Kirin OS reportedly under work

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Huawei has been battered by the US government and the American tech partners such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm. Google has sentenced scissoring of ties with Huawei. A stay of 90 days and thereafter Huawei would have to boot a different OS within its phones. The Shenzhen based company has declared its work on an alternative. HongMeng and Kirin are the names tipped.

What’s next after the Google Blow?

TechRepublic had stated that Huawei had been building its operating system ever since 2012, foreseeing a breakup with Google.

In an interview with BBC, Huawei’s UK executive vice president Mr. Jeremy Thompson cemented this by saying, “We have been making a plan for this possible outcome. We have a parallel programme in place to develop an alternative. We would rather work with Android but if it doesn’t happen in the future we have an alternative in place which we think will delight our customers.”

However, another report from The Information pictures a gloomy side of the story. It claims Huawei is “far from ready” from launching its own operating system. The project has undergone several ups and downs and the sudden turn of events could make this worse.

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Could the company be plastering a brave face or whether its OS is ready? – is yet to be seen. Either way, the rumor mill has some name predictions for the oncoming OS. The first shot goes to Kirin which is the name of its in-house HiSilicon chipset’s moniker.

Next name on the list is HongMeng as pointed by the Global Times and a few other Chinese media outlets. The loose translation of this Chinese word denotes a metaphor for the primordial world and primeval chaos. The reasoning for the name could be subjective to speculation and discussion.

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Finally, Huawei could stick to EMUI or MagicUI as the new names too because- why not?

Anyhow, Huawei has to quickly lace the boots to avoid any major repercussions. The OS would also take time to receive a deluge of app support and mature like the major two competition- Android and iOS. Reportedly, Microsoft has also has removed Huawei laptops from its Windows store. Huawei thus falls deeper in the aftermath of a trade war and security tensions between the US-China.

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