Huawei finally has some positive coverage coming its way. The Mate 20 Pro is now back in the Android Q Beta Programme. The company was recently restored back to WiFi Alliance and SD Association as well. Tentatively, the good news could extend to other Huawei and Honor devices as well.

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New developments in the Huawei story

Hush Hush, Google has added Huawei Mate 20 Pro back in the Android Q Beta program list.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Android Q Beta Program

Backpeddling, you would remember that Huawei Mate 20 Pro was quietly removed by the silicon valley giant from the Android Beta Programme. This morning, it is back again. This could, however, be an interim reinstatement as per the 90-day clause sanctioned by Trump administration.

This implies a glimmer of hope for other Huawei devices and the whole company going forward. Already Trump has hinted at a truce with a trade deal. The WiFi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, and SD Association have silently reinstated Huawei.

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Concurrently, Huawei has also trademarked name for their Android-alternative OS. The homebred OS could be called ARK OS (not Hongmeng or Kirin) as reported by Android Headlines.

Huawei CEO, however, is so far optimistic about the plight and protests any sort of retaliation from China against the USA. However, The company has also allegedly ordered employees to cancel meetings with US contacts. It has been following communication with the US counterparts as per the Entity list norms.


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