Google has revealed its new Nest Smart speaker and confirmed its imminent launch alongside the Pixel 5 – expected a couple of months down the line. The revelation followed a regulatory leak that didn’t present the new Nest Speaker in the best of light.

Putting all rumors to rest, the company released an image and a short video featuring the new Google Nest Speaker.

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First Look of upcoming Google Nest Smart Speaker 

The video shows a blue color Google Smart Speaker which seems to be wireless and portable, unlike the previous versions. The Nest speaker this year is likely to make room for a battery.

The trailer video also shows that Google speaker to support stereo pairing. The Google Nest Smart speaker will stand vertically. It has a mesh-design in line with Google’s design ethos.

We have a few more images of the upcoming Google Smart speaker with the courtesy of the Japanese Wireless Standards website. The images explain a few more details about the Google Nest speaker that should be known at this point. The device is shown in chalk color from various angles with two power adapters.

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The upcoming Google speaker measures 220mm in length. There is a mute button on the rear surface above Google’s “G” logo. The adapter comes with a 30W power rating.



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