Remember smart predictions in Google’s chat messaging app Allo? Well, the same can now be available through all popular messaging apps using Google’s new app – Reply. The new app gives you reply suggestions in the notification shade that you can pick to quickly and conveniently respond to incoming messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more.

Google Reply’s closed beta testing has begun but we managed to get our hands on a leaked build, thanks to APK Mirror. We installed the file on our phone and decide to take it for a spin.

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How Google Automated Reply App Work?

The Google Reply app is pretty straightforward, you have to sign in to your Gmail account and grant the app permission to access your notifications. Once you do that, the app will read all the messages you receive from your notification log to automatically generate the replies.

We tested the feature with WhatsApp, Android messages, and Slack, and we got the ‘probable’ replies right below the messages in the notification log. The app appears to be compatible with almost any app that supports replying via notification. And reply suggestions are available in multiple languages.

For more personalised response, you can also enable location and add work and home address for better suggestions to location-based queries in incoming messages. Additionally, it can also do vacation replies based on your calendar.

The app also offers other features like Do Not Disturb, which automatically send the messages when you are ‘driving’, ‘sleeping’, or ‘during a meeting’. The replies will go with a robot emoji so that the recipient knows it was an automated message. However, the feature is inactive as of now.

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As per our initial impression, the Google Reply App worked absolutely fine with messages of short replies like Yes, no and maybe, or location-based messages, and automated vacation responders. Plus, the app also has the ability to reply to the bilingual text, which makes the app worth trying.

How to Get Google Reply App

The app is not officially launched in Play store yet. However, you can get the access to the app from its apk file. In order to get the Google Reply app on your phone, from your Phone’s Browser go to Apk Mirror website and search Google Reply. Click on the download link and install the file.

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