Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 is one such LTE modem that will bring unprecedented network speed, or 5G, to the phones worldwide. The chipset maker has initiated the test of the technology and even partnered with 18 global OEMs to produce phones with 5G chips.

It is said that the first ready-to-produce 5G phone will be available by 2019, which means there’s still a year to go. Prior to that let’s look at the possibilities that the new network will open and how it is going to impact your world. The network will succeed the 4G, which is the fastest cellular technology as of now.

So here’s all that you need to know about 5G internet – the future of cellular networking:

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1. Fast and Reliable

Definitely, 5G is going to be faster than 4G, but the question here is how fast? The speed that we enjoy with 4G LTE networks are in Mbps but once the 5G kicks off it will be in Gbps. That’s right, the 5G cellular network has the capability to boost download speed up to 5Gbps with 1-2 millisecond latency.

This is theoretical maximum, but even if Telecoms can prove one-fourth of the Theoretical speed, it’ll still be significantly faster than existing 4G networks.

On top of this, the 5G phones will have the reliability of both 5G and 4G connections. It’s speculated that 5G devices won’t drop the network in areas with weak signals; instead, make a switch to 4G networks to guarantee continued service.

2. 5G to have Higher Capacity

Other than the speed, the higher capacity is another major factor to look forward to with 5G networks. The new cellular technology is said to solve the connection problem users face in crowded places.

The current 4G network tends to slow down or stop working when too many users leech on them. That’s because 4G networks can only support so many devices before being overloaded. Not anymore! the 5G has a much higher capacity. The network will be able to support more data connections than what was previously possible.

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3. 5G Not Just For Phones

The high-speed internet won’t just be beneficial for smartphone industry; rather, it will improve services of all Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

For instance, the self-driven car. The new age technology will allow automatic cars to communicate with their surrounding at lower latency and higher capacity. Thus, ensuring a safe journey.

Similarly, the consumer techs like smartwatches, virtual reality headsets, PCs, and smart home devices will all improve in performance, thanks to 5G. Even the day-to-day things like checking social media or making a video call will get seamless.

4. Time for Cloud Storage

A manifold jump in network speed may result in the reduction of onboard storage on your phones. Manufactures may profit themselves by bundling the 5G phones with less storage, and forcing the users to shift to cloud storage.

Users won’t cry out loud at this as they will have the means to instantly download the files they want from the cloud anytime and anywhere.

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5. Miscellaneous things that the 5G will carry

The switch to the faster network will come at a cost, though. These privileges won’t be cheap. Initially, you have to shell out more money to enjoy the blazing fast 5G internet on your device. But as per Qualcomm, the “data prices will come down in the long run due to the sheer number of new devices that will be coming online once 5G starts to roll out.” Sadly, there is no timeframe for that.

Another thing that the early adopters of the technology have to bear is the battery issue. It is said that the early 5G devices will consume more battery as compared to other devices. But, again, power efficiency should gradually improve.

5G Internet: Everything you need to know

As we continue to march towards 5G, a new 4G LTE modem was also introduced by Qualcomm. Nicknamed as Snapdragon X24, the chipset has the potential to exceed the download speed of network up to 2Gbps. The X24 devices are likely to arrive in consumers’ hands around the same time the first 5G phones will be introduced, thereby ensuring a smooth transition to the new technology.

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