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Although Google reserved its flagship aspirations in 2020, that might not be what it plans for the future of Pixels. Word in the town is that Pixel 6 could launch in March 2021 helming a high-end processor.

XDA Developers writer, Max Weinbach spilled the new rumor surrounding the upcoming Pixel via his Twitter handle. He claims to have heard the unfounded scoop from multiple sources thus far.

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Now, it’s not clear whether Google will knock on the Qualcomm doors for Snapdragon 875 or surprise the market with its long-rumored in-house chipset.

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We have already heard some whispers about Google’s processor for Pixels and Chromebooks. An Axios report earlier this year revealed this chip, allegedly codenamed “Whitechapel”. As per the report, this could be an octa-core ARM processor manufactured using Samsung’s 5nm process. Also, the said chip is expected to be optimized for the phone’s native machine learning capabilities and “always-on” Assistant’s performance.

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Let’s see. We anticipate more details to surface in the coming months. And if the rumors hold any truth, many of the tech enthusiasts and stock Android aficionados would adore such a device.


  1. The pixel 6 which will presumably will be Google’s upcoming flagship phone is one that I hope will be configurable with the base model having

    1) qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor or higher

    2) 10GB of ram

    3) 256GB of storage

    4) sd card slot

    5) audio jack

    6) battery with at least 6000 mAH

    Option upgrades for those who want more

    1) 12GB ram or 16GB ram

    2) 512 GB or 1 TB of storage

    So there you have it, a flagship phone that’s configurable allowing customer to taylor their phone to their needs where at the highest end of configuration should make it one of the best premium phones on the market.

  2. I’m just wondering if they would be risking the salability of the Google Pixel 6 by integrating a new in-house chipset altogether

    • When has Google really focused on selling ability of Google Pixels, just based on software & hardware?

      Predominant reason why everyone wanted a Pixel is camera (The whole market has almost caught up).

      Then may be smooth Androidy experience.

      Price if lower, people would consider more irrespective of performance.

      But how many pure Android fans would agree, Google didn’t get the battery right/usable for such a long time, except 2020 – when they reduced the actual power house.

      If at all, the new chip has performance & efficiency gains, google for sure should be happy to test it out in the market (rather than in-house testing like Apple).

      Some times Google does treat us as unpaid testers.


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