How To Start Chatting With Gemini Using Chrome’s Desktop Address Bar?

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Google has released a new feature for its Chrome web browser. It will enable users to summon Gemini, the AI-powered chatbot, right from the address bar on Chrome for desktop. Back in February 2024, Google announced a major change by renaming Bard to Gemini. Further, the company released a mobile application powered by Gemini. 

Initially, the app was only available to a limited number of countries. However, Google is now expanding its availability to over 100 countries. In other words, Android users can download the Gemini app from the Play Store and have an insightful conversation with the AI chatbot. Clearly, Google wants Gemini to reach more devices, which is also why it has released a new way to interact with the chatbot.

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Chat With Gemini In Three Easy Steps

  1. On your PC, open Google Chrome.
  2. In the address bar (at the top of the screen), type “@gemini,” followed by the prompt. You could ask the chatbot anything from planning a trip to teaching you personal finance and more. Alternatively, you can type the “@” symbol and select Chat with Gemini from the available options.
  3. As soon as you hit enter, the browser opens Gemini for the web and gives a relevant answer.

Yes, the feature makes it easier to communicate with the AI chatbot. However, typing Gemini in the search box, hitting enter, and selecting the first search result doesn’t take much time either. Nonetheless, we can see a clear use case for the new Chrome shortcut. Several users rely on Gemini’s vast database to help them with quick queries. 

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For instance, while writing an article about the classic iPhone X that changed the trajectory of iPhones forever, I might want to check the exact launch date. For this, I can either conduct a quick Google Search or, with the new shortcut, simply hit Ctrl + L or Cmd + L on my laptop and type “@gemini,” followed by my query. This will take me straight to the chatbot, wherein I can also ask a few follow-up questions.

It is important to mention that Google has just announced the feature via its official X (formerly known as Twitter) handle. Hence, it might not be available for everyone immediately. Generally, such features take a few days to be available to all users. Just keep your Chrome update to the latest version, and you should be able to summon Gemini as soon as the feature arrives.

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