Intel has now revealed some of the details regarding its next in line 11th gen Rocket Lake S-series processors targeted at gamers. The processor family is expected to go official in the first quarter of 2021.

Improvements in the new Rocket Lake-S processors will ride on new Cypress Cove core architecture that enables higher clock frequencies and Xe-LP graphics, both of which will be based on 14nm process. The total number of cores will max out at 8. In comparison, the 10th generation Comet Lake chipsets were based on 10nm process and had up to 10 cores.

These chips are tested for 125W TDP, with a top turbo boost of 250W. Intel expects ‘double-digit’ growth in Instructions-per-cycle this generation. Integrated graphics will see a significant 50% improvement over current Comet Lake processors.

Intel is also taking AV1 support mainstream. For units that do have integrated graphics, Intel will add support for HEVC up to 4K60 12-bit for 4:4:4, VP9, SCC and AV1 up to 4K60 with 10-bit 4:2:0. The Rocket Lake Processors will support up to up to three 4K60 displays or two 5K60 displays.

Intel once again confirms that Rocket Lake CPUs will support PCIe 4.0 with up to 20 lanes, allowing for much faster SSDs. The memory controller now supports up to DDR4-3200.


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