Intel has launched a set of 11th Gen Intel Core S-series processors for desktop with i9-11900K chip at the core. First sighted during CES 2021, the chipset was previously codenamed ‘Rocket Lake-S’. The new Intel chip can boost up to 5.3GHz speed making it a highlighting feature.

A desktop remains the first choice when it comes to powerful performance, no matter whether laptops are in the headlines. Intel’s new 11th Gen chipset is developed in order to deliver a smooth experience for gaming enthusiasts and graphic-intensive tasks. 

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Credit: Intel Corporation

The Intel Core i9 and Core i7 are comprised of 8 cores while the Core i5 includes 6 cores. The 11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processor based on Cypress Cove architecture replacing Skylake microarchitecture. The top-in-line Core i9-11900K features up to 5.3GHz, 8 cores, 16 threads, and 16MB Smart Cache.

Credit: Intel Corporation

The new Intel desktop processor provides up to 19% improved performance significantly at gen-over-gen IPC. The processor will be assisted by Intel UHD graphics with Xe graphics architecture which the company claims will offer up to 50% better performance. Intel is also employing its Deep Learning Boost and Vector Neural Network Instructions within the 11th Gen desktop processor.

Credit: Intel Corporation

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The Rocket Lake-S chipset will extend its support for DDR4 3200MHz RAM, PCIe 4.0 storage, Thunderbolt 4 USB port, and Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity.

Intel 11th Gen Desktop Processors

ProcessorCores/ThreadsBase ClockSingle/All Core TurboTDPGraphicsRecommended Cost
Core i9-11900K8/163.5GHz5.3GHz/4.8GHz125WIntel UHD Graphics 750$539
Core i9-119008/162.5GHz5.2GHz/4.7GHz65WIntel UHD Graphics 750$439
Core i7-11700K8/163.6GHz5.0GHz/4.6GHz125WIntel UHD Graphics 750$399
Core i7-117008/162.5GHz4.9GHz/4.4GHz65WIntel UHD Graphics 750$323
Core i5-11600K6/123.9GHz4.9GHz/4.6GHz125WIntel UHD Graphics 750$262
Core i5-116006/122.8GHz4.8GHz/4.3GHz65WIntel UHD Graphics 750$213
Core i5-115006/122.7GHz4.6GHz/4.2GHz65WIntel UHD Graphics 750$192
Core i5-114006/122.6GHz4.4GHz/4.2GHz65WIntel UHD Graphics 730$182


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