The Fuchsia OS is the new software from Google that is set to replace its Android and Chrome OS in the coming years. The information on the new OS is very scarce, but what we do know is that it is being built on new Kernel that is different from the Linux kernel used in Android and Chrome OS, and integrates a new user interface.

The Fuchsia OS is currently in development stage and only developers and few Pixelbook owners have access to it.

But according to a recent report from SlashGear, users like you and me can taste Google forthcoming OS on any device. Just visit this demo page.

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It is basically a demo of Fuchsia OS that doesn’t require any system requirement and can run on any browser. The page doesn’t do much though, it definitely gives you a little sneak peek into Google’s mysterious project. The only activity you will see happen is tracking your system’s device time and battery and your location (if you allow it).

The interface greets you with a page that seems to be the main home screen of Fuchsia OS. On the bottom corner of the page, you will see ‘Plus’ sign that will expand to three options: WIFI, Login, and Guest, once you click on it. While the first two are not accessible, the Guest option will redirect you to a page that shows Google search bar and Google cards.

Android is now the worlds most popular mobile OS, but there are several imperfections built into its DNA including basics like lack of proper color management. With Fuchsia, Google gets to rectify Android mistakes.

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