Google Pixel 3a Avengers event

Google has teased the expansion of its Pixel lineup through an official store page. The page titled, “Help is on the way” on May 8th has a video showcasing the Avengers. The Silicon Valley giant has cleverly crafted the video tailoring Pixel phones, Google Assistant into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), especially Avengers Infinity War and Endgame arcs.

The teaser further reads, “Something big is coming to the Pixel universe,” and the fans are welcomed to join the team by subscribing to the email list. This could be the first clear hint towards the upcoming Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones from the Alphabet subsidiary. 

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Avengers AR stickers

It further entices you to try the new Avengers endgame special edition Playground Playmoji AR stickers. They are exclusive to Pixel phones, well yeah bummer! Well, you also see an obvious Avengers Endgame release date, which needs no reminder.

Pixel 3a price

Just a few days back, the Canadian pricing of the Pixel 3a phones was picked up from a carrier. And since its a carrier pricing, the actual price-tag me reflect a different price.

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Apart from the Pixel Lite edition phones, Google event on May 8 could showcase various other products and services. The company could expand its current Pixelbook and Pixel Slate series along with a mysteriously named, “Emerging” product. It could give us its development of Fuchsia OS (could be an Android alternative), Google Hardware for Business, Google Stadia Gaming platform, Google Assistant and other AI, cloud and other things tech from the Google garage.


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