Google has announced its latest device, a 3D VR camera which is a result of a combination of as many as 17 different 4K cameras, upon which it is worked on together with a Chinese company called Yi Technologies.

The camera, called the Yi Halo, will be the second camera to be based on Google’s VR technology product Jump (primarily used for professional productions).

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Yi-HALO-VR-Google cam

Coming to its configuration, the Yi Halo will come out packing a sum total of 17 4K cameras, which includes a single optimally-used Up camera. Apart from that, it is capable of snapping 8K by 8K stereoscopic 360-degree VR footage at 30 frames per second (FPS), or 6K by 6K at 60 FPS.

Weighing around 3.5kgs, the camera has a self-proclaimed internal battery life of 100 hours and will be out in the markets this summer.

For those intrigued as to how Jump works, let us help you out there. The whole process starts with the Jump team working in tandem with the top player in the camera manufacturing scene in order to produce high-quality VR cams.

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After that, the footage so obtained goes through the Jump Assembler that makes use of computer vision algorithms to create 3D 360-degree video(s).


Coming back to the Yi Halo, the camera succeeds the GoPro Odyssey as only the second Jump-based camera in the world and will be up for grabs for a price of $16,999 (approx. Rs. 10,92,780).

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A few units of the device have already been made available to select creators.


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