Cleaner apps are quite common on Android phones and most custom interfaces prioritize them as well. For instance, Samsung frequently prompts you of maintenance reminders. Now Google too has its own Cleaner app, Files Go, that’s part of Android Go initiative that aims to make Android work smoothly even on budget devices.

Files Go: Neatly classifies different types of files hogging storage

Files Go neatly segregates the bloat on your phone in different categories. You can check and delete WhatsApp Media, Junk Files, Large files, Duplicate Files, etc.

You can simply navigate through the stacked cards and check how much storage these categories are hogging on your phone.

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You can also grant Files Go ‘App usage access’ to enable it to monitor Unused apps. You can then select and uninstall multiple unused apps in one go. However, you will still have to grant uninstall permission for each app separately when prompted.

From within app settings, you can choose whether you wish to be prompted for cleanup sessions or notified of unused apps, download files, and other large media folders.

Files Go: Use for wireless transfers

Files Go can also be used for wireless file transfer to nearby without internet, the same way as Shareit, Xander or Mi Drop.

The app uses Bluetooth to establish a connection with a nearby device and once a connection is established, files are transferred over WiFi hot spot. You can also directly play media that you transfer or receive within the app.

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With Files Go, spring cleaning sessions will be a lot less taxing. The app works well on all of the devices that we have tested it (OnePlus 5, Note 8, and Pixel 2). It’s still not listed on Play Store, but it will soon be. Meanwhile, you can download the APK from APK Mirror (Link Below).

[Download Google Files Go APK]

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