If you are stuck with an unpalatable third-party interface, there are ways you can at least get the visual part of the stock Android simplicity on your phone.

You could always use Google Now launcher or any other stock-like third-party launcher for that matter, but ever wonder how you could refine and customize your Notification panel for a closer to stock Android experience. Here is how you can do just that.

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Change Android Notification Panel and Quick Settings On Any Phone

Step 1: To start with, download the Material Notification Shade App from Play store. You don’t need root access to use the app.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, just open it and toggle the panel on. The first time you do this, the app will need to grand accessibility and other permissions.

Step 3: Once you are done, just select the Notification panel theme you’d like. Though most option requires you to upgrade to the Pro version (paid), you can still change the color of quick settings tiles and backdrop of the notification panel.

Apart from imparting stock Android look and feel, the app also allows you to customize quick settings. If you are getting a persistent notification from Material Notification app, you can always long press the notification and choose to block all notifications from the app.

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In our experience so far, the app works great. You can only get the new notification shade if you drag the panel from the top edge (summoning it using gestures will bring original notification shade). Just like the stock notification shade, you can also directly reply to incoming notifications from the panel itself.

The app just overlays its stock Notification shade over the existing notification panel (without tampering with the original one). That’s probably why it can change such intrinsic behavior without imposing any system lag.

Change Android Notification panel and quick settings on Android Phones

Your Notification shade is something you have to interact with quite frequently and it’s a good thing that most major manufacturers have refined this experience on their custom interfaces in 2017. Still, if you’d rather prefer Google’s simple vision over third-party customization, you can always use the app to tune your notification panel accordingly.

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