It is often frustrating when our browsing experience is obstructed by the unwarranted ads, pop-ups, and even hidden advertorial links. These are the kind of ads a user sometimes has to entertain/or even participate to get access to a web page.

To address this issue, Google has come up with a special AdBlocker that shall help discipline Ads for users without hurting content creators who rely on ads for revenue. This means that it will show only genuine adds on the web pages that don’t hamper consumer experience. As of now, its a bit unstable being a part of Chrome Canary.

However, it should be taken with a pinch of salt as Google has rolled out the feature “for developers and advanced users only,” which means that the app is still in its beta version and may carry a lot of bugs.

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How To Test New Ad Blocker In Chrome Canary?

The Chrome Canary is the experimental version of Google’s Unstable AdBlock, which the company has been reportedly working on since April 2017. The App is specially designed to prudently test changes and features to help improve web browsing experience in general. And to test the new ad blocker, all you need to do is install the app from Play store.

Google has rolled out the Chrome Canary for both desktop and smartphone users.

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In order to get the desktop version of Chrome Canary, you will have to download the set-up file of Google Chrome Canary from Chrome website and install it on the PC (or, you can Download it from here). Whereas for smartphone users, the Chrome Canary is available on Play Store. That’s it, now you can launch the app and start browsing.

At the same time, only specific users will see an option to turn on ‘Block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads’ under settings.

To check the option

Step 1: Open Chrome Canary and tap triple dot menu

Step 2: Tap settings>> Site Settings

Image: Caschys Blog/Google

Step 3: This is where select users will see the new ad blocker


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